You can not only see the "chicken soup" can not see "a bowl of chicken soup."


"Training institutions to show off those transcripts, advertisements, many of which are 'chicken soup' plus 'flicker'。 Chicken soup drunk people drunk, wrong to flicker as jade, this will not work, do not listen to advice listen to flicker, increase the burden on everyone worry。 "Minister of Education Chen Baosheng period of 'jingle' cause laughter at field。
Chen Baosheng said: social training institutions to increase control efforts。 (March 17, "Yangzi Evening News") speech of the Minister of Education is very exciting, very Atmosphere。 He jingle, say endanger the existence of social training institutions, both image appropriate, and easy to understand digestion。
Social training institutions contrary to the law of education, is to rely on "Chicken Soup" and "Fudge" to obtain benefits, these "chicken soup" is toxic。 The problem is, you can not only see the "Fudge chicken soup" can not see "Replacing the chicken soup bowl," break "loaded chicken soup bowl" to make "Fudge chicken soup" scoop less than "Parents bowl"。 Who is the "flicker of chicken soup" to scoop up "the parents of the bowl."?The first "loaded chicken soup bowl": do not speak in class after class to speak。
2016 summer vacation, Xi'an special education department carried out a regulation requiring all schools to eliminate the phenomenon of speaking in class after class do not speak, do not speak of those who found the situation in class after class to talk about, cancel all appraised qualifications of teachers。 This situation is very common。 Some teachers for their own interests, want to rely on training courses to make money, to break the bottom line of morality, class time to "hold back", if this is not making profits, it will not send their children into just a social training institutions。
The second "filled chicken soup bowl": Get score extra points。
Social training institutions to participate in the study, in addition to Yushu Wai training, there are many other projects outside of Yushu Wai, such as training and competitions of talent。
In recent years, with the depth of quality education, to encourage students to acquire knowledge in some places outside the Yushu Wai, for whom this is a good thing。
However, also entered the extreme situation。
For the talent competition and achievement or honor, will entrance examination, entrance examination, give some extra points。
Some parents see the role of extra points, also forcing the children "Eighteen versed in martial arts", and want their children to get Jiafenzhaogu。
Jiafenzhengce needs a good clean-up。
The third "filled chicken soup bowl": Anxiety is the bane of talent。 No one wants children to be virtuous and talented person, the mood is understandable。
The talent is also very narrow path, admitted to a good university is still taught in single。
Find a job depends on the education, promotion and appointment also depends on the degree, diploma is a stepping stone。 Idolize education is a disease。
The recent emergence of "Nanjing to college or a job can receive one thousand yuan subsidy," "sanitation job requirements Bachelor degree or above," "Jinan high school recruit new teachers with master's degrees mainly" is the degree of worship illustration。 "Look do not look at education level" should become the employer of social consensus。 Students "burden" from the school, examination and evaluation, teaching teachers, parents and the community in many aspects。
Training social chaos, not only because of the training institutions will flicker。
We must also break the "chicken soup bowl fitted"。 Author Guoyuan Peng Editor: Li Pengyu, cattle Ning。