New car prices energy policy expectations precision of persistence


  July to November, which is the western province for a car company of the year 2017 "real production time."。 Vice president of the company in January this year, told this reporter, the first six months of last year, companies are busy "to engage notice," December of that year, companies could then complete the 1000 new energy logistics vehicle production and delivery, "but because of concerns policy changes lead to changes in technical standards may not get subsidies, did not dare production orders。 '' Filling six months, six months of production '- that is "Economic Information Daily" correspondent to interview more than in Guangdong, Sichuan, Beijing, Hubei, Anhui and so on, a lot of new energy auto companies and industry experts concentrated reflection of the outstanding problems。 Reflected in the production and marketing chain, is China's new energy auto market there has been "low to high before," quickly pulled the end of the case since 2015, which is particularly prominent in 2017。
The so-called "fill in", "out notice", refers to the many ministries jointly developed the "Notice on new energy vehicles exempt from vehicle purchase tax" and related "new energy vehicles exempt from vehicle models directory" purchase tax, and only approved inclusion of new energy vehicle models directory, to enjoy duty-free treatment。 Most enterprises report, due to the announcement and adjust the intensity of the larger directory, shorter lead times, companies often take several months to complete the registration, the result is "filling half a year, half the production of" outstanding cases, industrial development imbalance。   "Now it is the fast industrial development, but policy changes more quickly, companies not only need to spend a lot of time to go 'on notice', the cost of inputs is even more alarming, do notice a car, business investment will reach 300 million, 10 models that is, 30 million yuan。
"General manager of a new energy vehicles, the company said。
He said that due to the strict standards, rigorous terms, even if the changes bumper this subtle change, need to re-declare all means, and must be completed in one to two months, and this reporting period a year-long traditional car form in sharp contrast。
"This has led many companies can not produce early in the second half crazy production, development of the industry and is a great waste of social resources。 "Some battery companies also reflect, as get together to declare that some supporting sectors such as car batteries and other strong inspection was 'blocked'。 "National testing organizations have qualified only seven, we all go rushing to detect, it will certainly not keep up with announcement of business, thereby affecting the production and marketing of time。
"Some industry insiders believe that behind the 'half production', reflecting China's new energy automotive industry development 'policy guiding hand of' the force still needs to be more precise technology, continuing in the direction of。   Beijing-based electric car company chairman said, to prevent cheat up, guide enterprises and market development, policy adjustment is necessary, but not sufficient reservation period, often give new energy automotive industry to bring greater unpredictability, even lead business operations encountered some difficulties。
  Tuibu industry should consider affordability "Dianqian car" – this is a city in Hubei Mr. Wu's car owners experience。
December 2015 after the purchase of a BYD plug-in hybrid from a dealer, his personal advance ten thousand yuan local subsidies in place until last year。
Prior to this, the dealer is to increase sales, usually take "Dianqian selling cars" approach, the results quickly to advance funds more than 600,000 yuan, "no longer afraid of the mat。 "" Economic Information Daily "reporters learned that subsidies paid too long, funding squeeze too much pressure is another sore point domestic small and medium enterprises of new energy vehicles。
  Director of the Central Committee of the equipment industrial province by letter, said that with the implementation of Tuibu policy, the cost of capital will further increase the risk of business operations, which will be more prominent in the field of passenger cars and Timeshare Rentals。
"According to our estimates, if approved in accordance with 30,000 km of standard, companies need to wait 2-3 years to get subsidies, the cost of capital is imagined pressures of。 "Some respondents reflect Tuibu is the direction of industrial development, but also domestic new energy auto companies the only way of survival of the fittest, but should also consider the capacity of the industry to avoid the process of industrial upgrading from 'technology to fight" into a "fight capital "。
  Deputy General Manager of Sichuan, said a car prices, 2017, the company completed 6,000 units of new energy passenger car sales, the company reached a total of 20 billion yuan Loaning。
"We now have orders received, which in fact is the financial debts of the companies, but companies can not take financing。 "Some industry insiders believe that subsidies should be finer adjustment, the implementation of good technology, good operation, high integrity of corporate advance the liberation of part of the funds to promote industrial competitiveness virtuous cycle track。   Explore the road of sustainable development during the visit of new energy vehicles, the "business model innovation" is one of the most mentioned topics。
  Admits that many companies in recent years, domestic new energy vehicle market continued to hit, the greatest motivation comes from national and local financial subsidies, therefore, about the high amount of subsidies, subsidies index more focused on the promotion of urban expansion, has become a common case。 From for power plants to a joint venture, joint venture operations, from the time-share and rental cars, all kinds of "innovative model" in an endless stream, led to vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, significant development of new energy city buses, which to some extent。
  However, the "Economic Information Daily" reporters in the interview that, under the so-called "innovation" banner, many car companies especially the traditional enterprise, all kinds of cooperation to promote the "homegrown" character has become increasingly evident。   Some industry experts say, and the traditional car companies often simply "selling cars" compared to the current new energy automotive business in general in a "business car" status, from financing to sales, operations, degree of involvement of product applications can be described as unprecedented, both an innovative, industry regulators also proposed new requirements。
For the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, the integrity of the operating companies of particular importance, regulatory authorities need to attract attention。