Adolescence popular student, an adult prone to psychological problems (1)


  According to South Korean kormedi website reported on September 11, the latest research shows, popular during the student, an adult can easily lead to psychological problems, and even suffer from social phobia; research team to 169 targeting young people, their 15 25-year-old 10-year follow-up survey conducted。Adolescent psychological problems has been a focus of social concern, then how can correctly guide young people to develop it?  Pay attention to method of communication with their children, "crouched down" equal to talk to children。When children express their views, to respect their views, when their views do have a problem, do not make a fuss, to be calm, be patient with the children to exchange views, common understanding, so that the child is willing to talk with parents。Parents should guide their children to handle all aspects of interpersonal relationships, encourage children to live with their peers, learn, play, learn which methods get along with people。To be willing to let the children suffer, to cultivate children's tolerant character; willing to let the children suffer, to accept the "setback education", to overcome problems。At the same time do not force children to do some things can not do, the child's self-confidence comes from the most successful work, forcing them to do things beyond the capacity will only hit their self-confidence。
Parents need to be at the right time to correct knowledge to teach children。Parents and children of exchanges, must be equal, should not call themselves the identity of educators。Parents of children sex education should begin in kindergarten, primary grades begin。In fact, sex education for children, no one can be。Educators do not deliberately get ready, do not bother to create an atmosphere, as long as the right opportunity on the line。
It is noteworthy that, after the discovery of the child's "secret", "adults" who do not make a fuss。  1, coordinating teacher-student relationship。
Teachers of students do not understand, do not trust the students will produce psychological confrontation, cognitive biases of teachers will give students a psychological depression, aggressive behavior occurs。
Period, the teacher is still one example of students is fair representation, when confronted with a problem, they want to get teachers to understand, care for and love。
If teachers lack a generous heart and patience, not to give guidance to help calm manner, but unwarranted charges, students will be disappointed, more rebellious。Lack of respect for teachers to students, mental belittle the value of the bad attitude of the students will suffer severe trauma。  2, coordinate parent-child relationship。
Parent-child relationship that is home to natural blood-based human relations and relationships, such as with their children, brothers and sisters。
Democratic, liberal home to a warm haven, autocratic, demanding family cause can not be normal communication, communication between family members, and easy to develop a child withdrawn, imperious personality。
Therefore, young people must be the maintenance of the family as a starting point, excellent quality of all family members and harmonious relations as the basis, work together to create a good life for every healthy growth environment。  3, students coordinate the relationship between friends。
In addition to asking the understanding and support of the teacher, but also for admission to classmates, friends, craving classmates, friends, understanding and trust。If classmates, friends, relations are not harmonious, even tension, there will be lonely, depressed, unhappy emotional state。Schools and families should adopt various forms, promote adolescent extensive contact with the community, make new friends, build mutual understanding in daily interactions, trust, interpersonal concerns, progress in exchanges to overcome the tension, fear, low self-esteem, loneliness, prejudice, hostility, suspicion, jealousy and other negative psychological。  Fifth, if found to have significant maladaptive, do not concentrate on learning or poor academic performance, weird abnormal behavior, such as anxiety and depression, they should seek the help of a psychiatrist。