Medicinal value of purslane must know what these


Medicinal value of what comes purslane purslane, I believe many people are very clear, because it is very common in our lives, many families will burn this dish, so purslane have medicinal value What's with the introduction and small series to see what purslane medicinal value have it!What are the medicinal value purslane medicinal value a (oral) purslane with detoxification, scattered blood swelling effect, can cure dysentery sepsis hot, hot shower, discredited, vaginal discharge, carbuncles malignant sore , erysipelas, etc.。
Usually more than a single large dose of flavor used, and because of its wide source, picking easy, these fresh medicine, quite good effect。 As for the heat-induced diarrhea, dysentery, with fresh purslane can be about 200 grams, Jianshui tea, drink from time to time。
Then rinse with water can also, taking wringer。 Because the active ingredients to the greatest extent retained, so rapid onset。
Purslane medicinal value medicinal value of which two (topical) for all carbuncle swollen sore skin of the body, as long as the hot sun poison as the main performance, whether early or late, you can use fresh horse purslane mashed topical, topical gauze fixed。
Both detoxification, swelling and pain, while better protecting the skin and wounds, promote myogenic shut。