# # Division title starving population of 1.2.4 billion the United Nations: the conflict is the main cause of the food crisis


  March 24 hearing, Executive Director of the World Food Program (WFP) Beasley recently in the UN Security Council said that in the past two years, the number of people in extreme hunger in the world increased by 55 percent to one hundred million。

  According to the UN website news, local time on 23 May, the UN Security Council heard a briefing by Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations in charge of the rescue Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Luo Keke and Executive Director of the World Food Program informed Beasley。 Beasley in the form of a video conference, representatives of the three Rome-based food agencies related to the FAO, WFP and agricultural development organizations briefings to members of the Council。   Luo Keke told the Security Council, in our lifetime it is possible to eliminate human famine。 He pointed out that the risk of famine and hunger is now concentrated among relatively few countries have been massive, serious and long-term effects of conflict。

In this context the behavior of combatants is often brutal, warring parties continue to undermine and destroy water supply systems, farms, livestock markets and, at the same time causing massive displacement。

  Luo Keke said the Security Council have the means to investigate violations of international humanitarian law。 The conflict, there is no humanitarian solution, only peace and a political solution in order to help break the vicious cycle of conflict and hunger。   He stressed that the link between hunger and conflict is very close, a great degree of damage。

He said that if you do not know your child's next meal comes from, you may be forced to make tough choices。 He pointed out that the rate of hunger every 1% increase in immigration will increase 2%。   Beasley said the investment program for problem solving the root causes of hunger are far lower than the cost of the cost of the current cycle of conflict brought about by: If all armed groups to comply with international humanitarian law, the World Food Program (WFP) can save $ 1 billion a year。 He also stressed that the war is not enough, people need long term and help people rebuild war-torn communities。

  100 million 24 million people suffer acute food insecurity FAO, the UN World Food Program (WFP) and the latest "Global Food Crisis Report" EU jointly issued March 22 pointed out that in 2017, there are 100,000,000 24,000,051 countries people affected by acute food insecurity, more than a year ago, 11 million people。

  The report found that conflict and climate change is still a major factor in the food crisis, the 2017 event acute food insecurity caused by the conflict accounted for 60% of the global total, affecting 74 million, while climate change is resulting in about 39 million affected。 At the same time, conflicts and climate disasters are often superimposed on each other and other factors lead to a complex crisis, devastating long-term impact on people's livelihoods。   The report warns that by 2018, the conflict will continue to be one of the main factors that caused the food crisis, and severe dry weather is likely to exacerbate food insecurity in Somalia and other countries。   Representatives called to solve the problem of hunger through the promotion of development, according to Xinhua News Agency, Chinese deputy permanent representative to the UN Security Council Wu Haitao in open conflict and famine took the floor 23, called on to solve the problem of hunger through the promotion of development, to eliminate conflict。   Wu Haitao said, development is the top priority is to solve various global issues of fundamental policy。

The United Nations system should play a coordinating role in promoting the effective implementation of the sustainable development agenda in 2030, the eradication of poverty and hunger as a priority, continue to increase investment in the field of development in developing countries。

To establish a jointly build a shared global view of governance, to guide the healthy development of economic globalization, properly address climate change issues, and actively help developing countries enhance self-development capacity, to achieve development。   Wu Haitao said that China is committed to peaceful settlement of disputes through dialogue and consultation, and for the political settlement of regional hot issues play an active and constructive role。

Meanwhile, China actively help other developing countries to eradicate poverty and hunger。

China is willing to continue to work with the international community to promote the construction of the fate of the human community, to achieve lasting peace and common prosperity contribute to the world。