Egypt Air passenger plane carrying 66 people lost contact en route to Cairo


  Aircraft Information: The genus Egypt Air passenger plane, flight number MS804; models for the Airbus A320。   Staff composition: A total of 66 people on board, including a toddler, two babies。
  Driving the aircraft captain over 6000 hours long flight, the A320 has a 2000 hour driving experience。   From multi-national staff on board, of which 30 were Egypt, France 15 people, 2 people of Iraq, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kuwait, Portugal, Canada, Algeria, Belgium and other countries 1 each。   Sailing, the time: airliner took off from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, the airport was originally scheduled to travel to Cairo, Egypt。
  The aircraft lost contact time for the Egyptian local time at 2:45 on the 19th。
French President Hollande said the French government confirmed to have crashed airliner。 Agence France-Presse said the aircraft crashed into the southern waters near Karpathos in Greece, but the news has not been confirmed。
  Lost contact Location: Earlier foreign media reports, the aircraft about 10 minutes flying time at disappeared from radar 80 miles from the Egyptian airspace,。 But soon after, Egypt Air update news that aircraft is in Egypt after entering the airspace of 10 miles, disappeared from radar。
  Greek aviation sector is informed Egypt that the aircraft disappeared after entering the country's airspace 20 minutes。
  All of the reactions: Egypt Air said the event will continue to provide more details。
  Egyptian authorities have been assembled rescue team began searching The plane。   It is said that the Egyptian aviation authorities have raised the alert level at Cairo airport。
  Greece and Egypt launched a joint search and rescue, the families of the passengers rushed to the extension of Egypt Cairo International Airport。
  Cause of the accident: before the local traffic department Inspector General Mary Schiavo said that because of the disappearance of the aircraft is not in a war zone, may be lost contact due to mechanical failure。   CNN analyst, said, has been ruled out weather factors led to the missing plane。   Some media said that Egypt's military after Egypt Air passenger plane lost contact for nearly two hours, receive a distress signal emitted by aircraft。 News that might signal emergency locator transmitter on the organic sent a distress signal。
Egypt subsequently denied having received a distress signal。