Prevention of cervical erosion cervical erosion teach you to stay away


4.Since the symptoms caused by increased vaginal discharge, in turn, affect the vaginal environment, vaginal inflammation, causing itching, pain and even。
Fives.In the intimacy, it may have a smell, there may be bleeding。 Harm 1.Cause complications once got the disease, it may lead to other complications。
The disease pathogens will expand elsewhere, causing secondary damage to the female body, such as into the bladder trigone can cause diseases of the urinary system, causing urination difficult urination pain, may also cause uplink endometritis, or pelvic attack, inflammation。
In addition, the human body has long been against chronic inflammation, will further cause cysts, polyps, so that sicker。
2.The disease can cause women to produce more inflammatory secretions, and this is simply secretions sperm for predators。
Because of the relatively thick secretions, containing a very large number of white blood cells, not only will swallow the sperm, the sperm will not be in motion, make them difficult to pass, can not meet with the egg, naturally, can not insemination, resulting in infertility。 3.Women causes cervical cancer with cervical erosion prevention of the disease more likely to develop cervical cancer, the probability than the average person 10 times。 This is because the cervix long-term damage by inflammatory germs that immunity will be getting worse, become increasingly weak, defenseless against germs。 Over time, it will make cervical lesions, cause cancer。
So, if you have the symptoms, treatment should be as soon as possible, to prevent the invasion of cancer。
4.With the baby growing up day by day, the weight of progesterone and estrogen in soaring, so that further aggravation of the disease, but also even vaginal bleeding, if not to treat bacterial infections cause genital organs, fetal membrane damage, fetal Lai water leaked to survive, and then suffered a miscarriage。 Fives.More misery in the condition of women seriously to normal life, such as abdominal bulge, back pain, vaginal discharge many and sticky, flavored ,, even urination uncomfortable, so that women tortured, affect the normal learning, work and life。
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