Chinese President Xi Jinping conversation with French President Make Long phone


(Original title: Xi Jinping conversation with French President Make Long phone) Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 22 – 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping conversation with French President Make Long phone。 Make Long Xi Jinping congratulated the re-elected Chinese President。
Make Long said that the friendship I value method, highly concerned about the outcomes of China's "two sessions" made, with President Xi is willing to continue to work together to implement the important consensus on deepening our law relations。 Act two sides should pay close high-level exchanges, deepen economic and trade, investment, agriculture, nuclear energy, environment, cooperation, strengthen the response to climate change, safeguard the multilateral trading system, guard against financial risks and other communication and coordination on global issues。
Xi pointed out that the President congratulated the call that is in China's "two sessions" closing soon, reflecting concern you about China's development and attach great importance to China-France relations。
This year is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening。
The just-concluded China's "two sessions" of great significance to China's future development。
The future, China will continue to deepen reform and opening to achieve greater development period, China will also be the time to make greater contributions to the world。
I believe that China's development will provide more opportunities for China-France and China-EU cooperation。
Xi Jinping stressed that long ago, when President Clinton first visit, we reached important consensus on strengthening cooperation in various fields between the two countries, has injected new impetus to bilateral relations。 The Chinese side is willing to work with France to close high-level exchanges and good institutional dialogue, implement the consensus on cooperation, timely communication on major issues, the Sino-French comprehensive strategic partnership to create a more full of vitality。
China and France are permanent members of the UN Security Council and the major powers that have global implications。 In the current complex and volatile international situation, China is willing to France to work together to strengthen strategic communication and coordination, joint efforts to maintain and improve the existing international order and global governance system, adhere to multilateralism, promote world multi-polarization, economic globalization together to create an open global trading system。
The two presidents also exchanged views on international and regional hotspot issues of common concern。