Plus 1 egg, nutrients up to 10 times!Nutrition experts recognized eating eggs rankings!


Eggs high nutritional value, eat a flexible, loved by the people。
Steamed, boiled, fried, stewed……There is always a practice egg can satisfy your taste buds。
It is said that even the Emperor, must spend money to eat two eggs million per year。
Egg white egg is full of treasures is an important source of high quality protein, second only to the content of breast milk。Egg white with convergence, to treat surface inflammation, but also cooked lungs pharynx, detoxification。
Egg yolk is not only rich in vitamins A, d, E, K, as well as phosphorus, iron and other minerals, as well as crucial for brain development lecithin, heart-healthy oleic acid, eye protection such as lutein and zeaxanthin。
Eggshell powder is baked into one medicine effective for malnutrition in children; the shell to ease throat inflammation of the endocardium。Better to say belly abalone wings one day an egg。
How can eat eggs, it can be delicious and nutritious way of eating eggs rankings Associate Professor of Food Science, China Agricultural University, FAN Zhi pointed out that health ranking egg cooking method should be: ① ② boiled eggs cooked poached egg drop soup ③ scrambled eggs, eggs, pancakes ④ baked egg yolk shelled boiled eggs are the most nutrition experts recommend eating eggs。Studies have shown that protein digestibility boiled shell body is close to 90% of the eggs of various cooking methods most easily absorbed by the。Also, because without a drop of oil, cooking temperature is not high, not cholesterol is oxidized, comprehensive nutrition to retain, shelled boiled eggs is the most beneficial for the heart Eat。
1 egg plus 2 times the physical effect turn in the movie "like you", the President Takeshi Kaneshiro conquered Kitchen ZhouDongYu cooking, every day is not heavy on the kind of egg dishes。
Although nutritious and delicious soft-boiled eggs, but occasionally need a change of taste。In fact, egg mix with other foods to eat together, can often produce more magic。Eggs, four Ren Ren = lungs to eat four means: white nuts, sweet almonds, walnuts, peanuts。The four kernel peeled pulverized, washed with water to take a spoon boiled eggs, stir i.e. drink, is a more particular have eggs。
This four-jen Road egg soup has kidney and lungs, qi and relieve asthma efficacy。If you feel usually reduced lung function, or chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other symptoms, especially for this drink。
+ Egg = Yin and moistening toon toon and eggs, oil, salt and supplemented Luocheng cake, then cut into a piece of ground rice, eggs, bread Toon soft texture and unique aroma, is a delicious and healthy seasonal dishes。Toon has the stomach qi, nourishing yin, as well as fitness soothing effect, while eggs are rich in protein and vitamins。
So, nourishing yin, moisturizing efficacy bodybuilding is the main dish。Eggs, chives = number one kidney leeks and eggs are a perfect match, aroma, crisp taste。Southern fried dishes often eat directly north is often used for stuffing。Eggs having yangxinanshen action, Yin and moistening; Leek having Warming liver and kidney yang solid fine effect。Eating together can kidney yang, liver qi, but also stasis and detoxification。Eggs, shepherd's purse = enhance immunity South has March three, shepherd's purse boiled eggs customs, the shepherd's purse washed and shelled eggs cooked in water together, add salt to taste and eat the。Ate shepherd's purse helps to enhance immunity, spleen eyesight, detoxification。
The Shepherd's purse is boiled eggs with a cooling bleeding, tonic and spleen, Qingre water features。+ Egg = purslane purslane detoxification to inflammation eggs fried dishes are specialties of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces。
The chopped purslane, into the egg, mix well turn into the pan fry, seasoning with salt and serve immediately, can detoxify, Qi tonic。There are anecdotal remedies called purslane and cook eggs, to clear psoriasis, hemorrhoids effectively, and presumably purslane itself can detoxification swelling, bleeding related pains。
Eggs, rice wine = beauty treatment of dysmenorrhea shelled eggs cooked, peeled and then add rice wine, ginger boiled, it is essential Chinese woman nourishing party。Wine is rich in trace elements, amino acids and vitamin E, long-term drinking is conducive to beauty, anti-aging。Rice wine also has boiled eggs pass through, analgesic efficacy through, blood, Yuet color, soothing beauty。Eat egg benefits, but remember not to drink more。
1 a day?Two eggs will be able to meet the human body needs protein, high cholesterol, blood lipids or renal dysfunction should not eat oh!。