There are five types of high blood pressure symptoms, indicating a stroke to come!(1)


  Many people have a case, but we do not know is that stroke is high blood pressure to promote the role of。
This is because high blood pressure can increase cardiovascular tension, easy to damage the vessel wall。  So what happens we must be careful to stroke it?  Although headaches are often prone to headaches, but headaches and high blood pressure stroke upcoming headache is somewhat different。  If the stroke is coming, there will be very sudden and severe headache, the headache will be more serious。
If the patient is very frequent headaches recently, accompanied by dizziness, must be very careful。
  Yawn yawn is the case there will be a lot of people, especially the elderly cerebral vascular insufficiency, low oxygen levels in the body, it is easy to yawn。Before the arrival of stroke, cerebral vascular bound to experience more and more narrow period of time, this time will most likely frequent yawning。  A survey shows that about a week before the onset of stroke, more than 80% of patients have symptoms of frequent yawning。
  It is not agile hands and feet on one side before the stroke of the most obvious symptoms of stroke often leads to unilateral limb movement disorder, such as hemp side of the face, the side of numbness in the hand, leg numbness, and so one-sided。Many stroke patients before the disease, there may be a transient numbness。  Take for example the chopsticks suddenly hold on, walk when suddenly walk, or speak not agile tongue numb and so on。If the patient has these circumstances must see a doctor as soon as possible。
  If nosebleeds severe fluctuations in blood pressure, it is easy to produce in the case of nosebleeds。
  This is because fluctuations in blood pressure severe cases, can lead to fragile capillaries rupture, and nasal capillaries richer, if the nose is broken capillaries in the nosebleed。  Once the situation nosebleeds occur, we must see a doctor promptly。
  Patients prone to poor sleep, sleep problems, if the recent frequent difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up asleep asleep, how sleep is not practical and so, we must be careful not too frequent fluctuations in blood pressure。
If you also incorporates high cholesterol, even more to be careful is not imminent stroke。