Acacia for you, as you write poetry


Lean on a railing drinking drunk lean on a railing, and with Acacia and with worry。——Inscription。    Cut a half-life time, leaning against the wind took snowy night laughing Austin。Years mercy most vulnerable, but also the most ruthless。I go with the wind strand of black hair, for fear that an inch of white hair Early。Later, I read a tie melancholy dream and clear words。You Nian Hua, Yan sigh warm seasons; you Acacia, sing our songs。As you write, write that once past。    Love, from the beginning to meet。Miss, in the end meet。From the moment we met, marching along time coming。Experienced the joy of knowing each other; tell too lingering attachment, tried Acacia pain。Standing on the end of the season, a time when autumn to spring, experienced a number of marshes。    Dongfeng between romance and flowers that live, I do not know dissipated several times the Spring and Autumn。Once I thought of love story, once, a promise, a promise, a spend。Later, straight smile that goes by in the past is young and frivolous marriage scattered bitter pill。Eachother again like the deep sea and how, as it is the end of love-hate parting No credentials。    Gurgling water, the old and the new grass is still time。Sparse sudden wind and rain outside the window, so the thought of this point, is when green thin fat red。I leaned against the window sill, counting those fleeting past, or sad, or happy; or smile, or cry。It will be dusty ma'am, sending it into intermittent Siyu。Yula, down endless feeling of sadness, shed from the War。    Flowers wilt lost clusters, incomplete monthly round of。Time will inadvertently across the fingertips, turned around, outside the building is already off the goose horizon right close and difficult to send once。I do not know when the middle of the night, and who write poetry for you at the bridge。For you, play a song Qiao。    Zhang said, memories of this stuff if scented, it is that camphor aroma, sweet and sound, as I remember the joy of clear, sweet and wistful, like forget the sorrow。So, they learn to forget, to forget the memories。Accidentally, planted in the sea cause。This time to go over the years, met you。    And later to read you, inexplicable willingness to dissipate that unforgettable pain Lihen。In the deepest heart, you miss such a woman。Chizui your eye, your tears deplored, for your fans smile, your heartache and heartache, your sorrow and grief。    If love is a process, then the process is well-experienced in one freeze-frame moment; whether it is happy or sad, is to give love。I also look forward to snuggling ring and the king of the West painted floor, handle go that mountain stream, watch the red fat green thin, witness that the years of how removed。Finally, still obsessed with this touch of happiness。    The moon wanes, the bamboo jiggle, then get the water as the wind wrinkled。I will be with you handle, spread out cold Zhijian, as you write only for you to write text, as you put pen to paper painted only your eternity, you can not dissipate copy time of happiness。    Aya as spring water, fragrant flowers shed。When partner in thin, a CASTLE, also pear and rain at the old red tears go。From then on, I will not beg。Acacia just for you, only for you melancholy, tears just for you。    If, Duwu can really send your heart, by the King can really express Melancholy。This continuous rain, will I weep for you; this melodious melody; I sing is given for you; this years fall, given that I languish for you; this Zhuyingyaohong, given that I Acacia for you。Yilou melancholy, jade flute bleak, given my word to make clear to you; residues Zhijian send thoughts, given that I write poetry for you。    Lean on a railing afar, flowering defeat, Chunhua quite repeatedly season begins in Akimitsu's black hair。Years of quiet good, complains Yulu。    I hold a quiet care, jealously guarding at the end of the season of flowers, gently whisper in your ear: I am worth mentioning sad, melancholy is harmless; I am still willing to pick up a pen, you assign Acacia, you write poetry, you send a the end of time, not dissipated love with possession forever。    Dear silent who will lean on a railing meaning, like having finer than spring。This life, I set Acacia is just for you, only for you to write poetry。