Pregnant women, pregnant women how to do gastroenteritis symptoms of gastroenteritis


Pregnant women how to do gastroenteritis?Pregnant women is best not to take medicine during pregnancy, the pregnant woman that you know how to do it gastroenteritis?Following small to talk with you exactly how to do it for pregnant women gastroenteritis。
Pregnant women how to do gastroenteritis 1, fasting can try fasting one or two meals, let rest and excreted via the gastrointestinal diarrhea previously eating the unclean thing (probably food, drugs, bacteria or viruses) as soon as possible。
Generally vomiting will first remission, and perhaps feel a little nausea, abdominal discomfort。 2, after eating a small amount can eat a small amount of rice, white toast and other non-greasy food or fruit to avoid hypoglycemia lead to cold sweats syncope。 3, add water if severe diarrhea caused by water, a huge loss of electrolytes, so feel dizzy, feeble, sports supplement drink will improve the physical discomfort, diarrhea supplement the amount depending on their discretion。
4 gastroenteritis pregnant women how to do, do not arbitrarily intravenous fluids, medication if severe acute gastroenteritis occur, medication may be appropriate in accordance with physician instructions to alleviate the symptoms。 When the case of fever, bloody watery diarrhea suspected infectious enteritis, do not take yourself so as not to aggravate their condition antidiarrheal agents。 Unless it is infected with cholera or shock, confusion, severe vomiting and unable to eat, etc. It is not recommended for pregnant women to the hospital drips。
5. Do not take antibiotics, oral antibiotics only in a small number of serious infectious enteritis and diarrhea occur travel, because even the most acute gastroenteritis Bacterial infections can be cured, do not have to eat these drugs。