Tesla CEO Musk approved the multibillion-dollar-based compensation plan


According to the US Securities News Tencent financial website CNBC reported that a source told CNBC, Tesla has adopted a shareholder proposal, he agreed to Chairman and CEO Andy Herron – awards a number value Maske (ElonMusk) billions of dollars in stock options。 Supporters say this would make him consistent with shareholder interests, and may greatly increase the value of the company。 The total amount of stock options 2.6 billion US dollars, is divided into 12 sections, it will be one by one in the Tesla (TSLA) companies have reached a key performance targets over the next 10 years to be awarded。 "Although Tesla lost even more money than people think, and Model3 models often can not complete the production targets, but investors are not worried。
"LoupVentures investment firm managing partner Jean – Munster (GeneMunster) told CNBC," In the long run, they saw a greater opportunity, and this opportunity is to find energy harvesting, storage and use perfect between the three combination。 "Tesla's board of directors said that even if Musk does not help the company reach performance goals, the plan may also increase shareholder value, to ensure that will not leave Musk Tesla, and Tesla achieved overall stimulus plan, which will Tesla became one of the world's largest company value。 Some large institutional shareholders supported the proposal, as the company holds a stake in Tesla%。 But agents and consultants GlassLewis InstitutionalShareholderServices (ISS) recommendation to reject the proposal on the grounds that the cost is too high and could dilute the shares, as well as some other issues。 Musker and his brother Kimball (Kimbal) did not participate in the vote。 Both companies are members of the board of directors of Tesla。
Musk already has about 20% of the shares of Tesla, ISS said it was enough interests and the interests of shareholders Musk consistent with the。
On the occasion of the vote, Tesla's share price has been positive since last September hit a record high fall, because the model can not be reached by Model3 plagued by production targets。 (Wolf)。