Eight months baby vegetable paralyzed, because this thing with parents!


  Some time ago a tragedy occurred, a further eight months just under one year old baby was diagnosed as a quadriplegic, in a vegetative state。
According to the child's mother said the child some time ago began to look dull, there will be ventilation of the phenomenon, parents cry baby, baby's reaction is also very slow, and later simply no response。 At this time the hospital was diagnosed as vegetative。   After the introduction of the doctor, children can suffer from this disease, with the external environment is a very big reason。 Should be subject to some kind of violation of toxic substances, lead poisoning baby, so the occurrence of a series of complications arising。
The original culprit was actually home moth balls, moth balls and mildew sheet now many market contain substances dichlorobenzene and naphthol。   1 mothball mothball now many hazards and mold sheet market contain substances dichlorobenzene and naphthol。
Since the development of newborns bodily functions is not perfect, the body's detoxification system is very weak。
These difficult to decompose toxic substances, and do not drain out also。 These toxic substances accumulate in the body, while mothballs in the milk will destroy red blood cells in the human body。
The baby's brain will therefore be hurt, causing severe mental retardation and dementia can cause permanent brain damage。
  2 Notes on using mothballs parents at the time of purchase be sure to buy a smaller number of mothballs toxic。
Do not place your baby's clothes and mothballs, moth balls placed over the clothes, do not worry wear。 The best flavor dissipates after performing wearing。
In addition the use of mothballs cycle is not too long。   3 These three kinds of taste do not let children hear!  Perfume "used incense" no less a threat to the child's "passive smoking"。 Many people passively inhale air artificial flavors will have headaches, skin rashes, allergic symptoms like chest tightness。 If the mother is difficult to give it up "perfume complex", may wish to spray a little after the baby and say goodbye。
After work, go home and have a hot bath immediately before and close contact with children。
  Floral fragrance children are in the growth and development of various organs are more delicate and prone to allergic reactions。
Even outdoors, the baby should be sparingly close to flowers, it is best to keep a respectful distance。   New car smell car seat cover car seat, the seat and the roof liner containing excess formaldehyde and benzene。
If the optional interior leather, wood, paints and other materials, these materials also release harmful gases。
If you bought a new private car, the best within six months, do not let the baby sit。   Note the use of camphor in 1, buy camphor insect repellent to look at their labels, in particular the composition of a bar, for those with symbols or codes description of ingredients, preferring not to buy。
  In household laundry inside camphorate with appropriate insect repellent, must not naphthalene。 If you use insect repellent p-dichlorobenzene class, to avoid contact with children, keep children away from camphor。
  2, insecticide identification method: naphthalene and camphor can identify with brine, both on the salt water, the float is camphor, naphthalene or sink is p-dichlorobenzene; naphthalene strong pungent odor, camphor there is a more particular fresh aroma。   Camphor In use the laundry does not change color, the oxide surface was rust naphthalene pellets, which contact the white laundry cause yellowing; naphthalene and dichlorobenzene with the identification of turpentine, was dissolved completely in 60 minutes is p-dichlorobenzene, was not dissolved completely, and the remaining 25% of naphthalene。   3, camphor, do not directly on the mothballs clothes inside, wrapped in paper use。
  Because mothballs likely to be volatile, so the next season to come clean clothes when no longer, as long as ventilation can; if contact with the skin longer, then we would wash thoroughly with soap and water。   Eating mothballs to immediately induce vomiting, do not drink milk within three hours, eating foods high in fat。
If poisoning appear to be immediately to the hospital for treatment。