Russia's presidential election ushered in Moscow polling station open day


  BEIJING, March 18 – According to the Russian satellite network reported on the 18th, the Russian presidential election ushered in the day, all polling stations in Moscow and the Moscow State Open at 8:00 local time。
  Reported in the capital, Moscow has 3605 polling stations with 4239 polling stations in Moscow Region。 According to the Russian Central Election Commission, the number of voters registered in Moscow for 7.2 million registered voters in the Moscow Region to 5.58 million。   Recently, Moscow bus station put up a billboard, called on the people to participate in presidential elections。
March 17, one day left from the Russian presidential election。
Prior to this, the Russian election preparations have been completed, waiting for the arrival of election。 China news agency reporters Wang Xiu and Jun She most polling stations polling hours Moscow time is 8:00 am to 20:00 pm。 In schools, hospitals, railway stations, airports and resorts are equipped with polling places。
  For the first time in the presidential election, young people aged 18-25 years old, will receive a polling station in Moscow, Russia Star on March 18 to attend the special concert tickets。
  To ensure the security of polling stations in Moscow during the Russian presidential elections, over 000 police officers, National Guard, security companies involved in security work security。 In the polling station to ensure safety, the installation of about 7,000 cameras。   Russia will be held March 18 presidential election, eight candidates are officially registered: the National Alliance Party candidate Baburin Russia, the Russian Communist Party elected grid Lu Jining, Chairman of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, independent the election of Vladimir Putin, the Russian party elected citizens' initiatives television host Sobchak, Russia's Communist Party nominated Sula Yi Jin, the Russian party chairman growth Titov, Yavlinsky Yabloko party founder。