Facebook and the Adobe from Nebraska wind farm to buy power


Tencent securities FRANCISCO, March 22 morning news, according to CNBC reported that Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) will expand the use of wind energy, and to this end has been Enel (National Power), a subsidiary of EnelGreenPowerNorthAmerica (hereinafter referred to as " EGPNA ") signed a new power purchase agreement。
The agreement was announced on Monday, while the previous Facebook has announced an agreement to purchase content Nebraska Dixon County, California RattlesnakeCreek a wind farm generating capacity of 200 MW blocks the production of electricity。 Under the new agreement, Facebook will gradually purchase all 320 megawatts of power output in this plant before 2029, for the company based in Nebraska Bobby data center power。 In addition, Adobe company (Nasdaq: ADBE) will purchase 10 megawatts of wind power to this farm between 2019 to 2028。
RattlesnakeCreek of this wind farm is currently under construction and expected to be operational before the end of the year。 "100 percent use of clean energy and renewable energy sources to provide a target on Facebook all the power not only for our data center, but also the company's business requirements。 "Facebook's director of global energy 鲍比霍利斯 (BobbyHollis) said in a statement published on Monday。
"RattlesnakeCreek wind farm will have the ability to make us a Papillion future data center power and allow us to fulfill buyers of Adobe and other companies to expand the mission of the energy market。
"Owner RattlesnakeCreek wind farm is EGPNA subsidiary RattlesnakeCreekWindProject, construction investment in the farm is about billion dollars。
EGPNA belonging to Enel's renewable energy sector。
Members of Facebook and Adobe are RE100 Union initiative, this initiative global alliance gather some of the world's largest companies, they are committed to the use of renewable energy。 (nebula)。