A map to tell you the US stock market and the US economy are two different things


Night network, network nightlife Wall Street FRANCISCO 29 morning news, the US stock market this year, suffered a lot of bad, including crude oil prices and the dollar。Many analysts worry that might be a precursor to a US recession。But Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) pointed out that the US stock market and the US economy is completely different。  Torsten Adams Deutsche Bank analyst said: "The S & P 500 and US GDP a major difference is that most of the S & P 500 earnings come from the manufacturing / energy / production sectors, and these sectors account for only 14 of the total employment in the US economy %。"Figure US jobs and the S & P 500 earnings of Biscay source goes on to say:" the dollar and falling oil prices impact on the S & P 500 listed companies than the impact on the US GDP is much greater。Because of this, we emerged a profit recession, but a recession does not appear。"In addition, many listed companies in the United States has a large number of overseas operations, particularly in Europe and China。Many Wall Street analysts had a poor 3Q11 blamed overseas factors, rather than the United States due to domestic factors。  The economic data from the US, ISM manufacturing index continued to decline, but the ISM services index remains strong。  The question now is whether the slowdown in the manufacturing and energy sector will spread to the service sector?  "So far, no such signs appear。Service very good performance, "Adams wrote。  He concluded by stating: "Given the fall in oil prices will continue to push up consumer confidence and consumer spending, I think we will still appear a no profit recession recession。"(Tony compilation)