Behind the story of a woman


Suddenly remember?And mouse scenario seems foreign invasion of your exclusive territory, and I firmly tugging at the hem of your corner behind you。Looking at the side faces you concentrate, no doubt charm temptation to the people。At that time, my heart waves with great accuracy sweet。Tonight, the mouse is struck, around already no escort, want to bursts of decadent feeling, walked fate came to an end。Those things had happened, the test finished all my love, struggling for you, sad, and difficult to put down。As I complete, true love is no place for a dust, but I choose tolerance, forgiveness, because love。    Have heard a person's life will have a hard heart love, love again failed, though still sad, but has not beating。Think about it, he had to face repeated pursue your indifference can eventually due to various factors, or helpless, soft-hearted promise, and so simple, naive to believe you, but to deceive, betray you declared false promises, which in the world this is how the eyes of naive, stupid?You say, no matter how wild, would not leave, forget to spend at home, however, I was glad you refused, freedom from。Perhaps I think love has been tarnished, has been challenged by the material, and not be affected by the full face, but after all, the reason is not enough love, not bones love it。Now I believe in love: A take life to prove, B take all the net worth to prove!(In fact, just want to chart your good just to let you prove love bones) dependence, wayward my label, is sentimental nature。I just left the campus soon, muddle, a blank social experience, a lot of things need experienced actual practice, in order to deeply understanding the growth and progress。Someone tune, someone tuning, life is so。Whether someone or something, the time in the past, made no way to return to the original origin, I am not the original me, the same person, humanity always become。I do not know God or fate, destined to love in only two parallel lines intersect。I never regretted let you go, really, to lay down the moment, the moment I am very relaxed body and mind。Since the discovery of the sun is so warm, the flowers are so beautiful, mountains and rivers is so vast, it seems so long, finally remove the stone bear, remember this feeling so far!    Life, to you, me, and he get along with the test, love easy to get along, to unwittingly fell in love with each other shackles, become each other's burden, cut, and chaotic, is not a good feeling in their hearts。    Sword cut Qingsi, good。Yoshiya – off this Fatal Attraction!    Now a lot of emotion, because the mice disturbed Heart Lake……    Repression is a negative emotion, influence, good happy mood, cry is a catharsis, but also a symbol of healing, tears, like a scourge must come pouring embankment。Said a woman is made of water, mud men, and water and mud to kneading clay figurine。Who, from the moment of birth is doomed to a lifetime searching, and only the later meet knew them spend。I foolishly thought that is forever falling in love, but do not know how far the so-called forever?I traveled thousands of miles, through the ends of the earth, just as the Red lofty unknown that a trace of love。In fact, think about it, sometimes free is also quite handsome, though true love is also commendable – go with the flow, their fate now。    Sit through fleeting, always see the love。Something will occur if it belongs to your life, if not, do not push it。Fate, born by the edge of the rim and off, are dependent origination luck!(This article is just a log, no comment, thank you!)