Blue Bird is read, the city peek


Two cities, two people; two people, two hearts。  I was in this city, you are in the city。Caught up in a society becomes pure, only you and me; the noise of the world becomes peaceful, the only two cities。Fall in love with a man, fell in love with his tall city has, since then, looked。It looked turned into one position, Looking back, the heart, the precipitation into the concept of jade。  Very far, I can not touch you familiar and unfamiliar faces, mountains and rivers, like the winter's freezing cold, can not touch the warm embrace; close, I smell your breath man, right close horizon, if the hot summer, there is always hint of autumn cool comfort can。Chaomu of the sun, to dry the moldy past, I know the hearts of Red in the long dusty window again quietly opened; four seasons with the wind chant understand whisper, I saw the fleeting already dried up river of life again again in little ripples……You are in the city, and I, but in this city have heard your heartbeat。  Glowing night, a voice said to me: it into the city, even if you only do a smile, heart, will safely; dawn fog will break, a voice said to me: this city stick to it, even if I miss the only remaining heart, there is still hope。I argue entangled in the two sounds, the thoughts of the flood was to break through the heart of the dam, raging flood to my body。Bones, are read。The study, sleeves sewn into the clouds, the rain turned into tears and pieces that float in the air in your city sky。There was not a drop of rain you access palm, palm along the vein of love, a little bit of your heart infiltration……Should your heart suddenly shocked, that was my, into your heart。  Numerous night, the city of you, know that the addition of two stars on the sky?That star is overlooking me your eyes。I lengthen lashes, blending eye shadow to eye the most beautiful view of the city you have to……  Tang sentences irreparable share of inner thought, Song of the tenderness of the heart that love can not be replaced。Tonight you sleepless, restless city tonight。You use an enthusiastic final curtain on the night of exile, for me, to find that once carved on a tree moon。Can not remember when, carved on a tree moon has scars……My story in the frame freeze fleeting, your truth whom inlaid stones。Weak water three thousand, I found to be drinking a spoonful; Dielian End of the World, I find that you are a。Your truth in the night running, you love coming under the stars。I hug to sleep in the missing moon, despite the tears, took his face makeup……  Like the phrase“Pengshan this to no more road, as the Tankan Bluebird ardent”。There is love, right close horizon, the two cities close embrace; there is love, miss growth, like elongated eyelashes。You have a city that is my“Mt”, Plug in to the thoughts of love wings, spread their wings turned into the Blue Bird, the city that you have Tankan……  Read obsessed, annoying chatters; take flight, fly quickly。Bluebird will not be lost its way, the city filled with tall symbol of love。Your details will be met, printed on that gate, thoughts have a clear defected。This Blue Bird, left wing says“miss”Right wing says“forever and always”Mouth with a clove in the morning, at dusk, the city that you have toward the fly……It quietly say to you: Iraqis well, sitting on the dew, so you……So, the city, love the echo, ever……  Blue Bird is read, the city peek。No one sent a cloud Kam book, which you give a title to the Blue Bird of red beans。I hugged hand, with your body temperature and taste。I know: this is the concept of feedback。I am in good faith for the soil, Xiangxi into plowshares, opened in the heart of Love Ridge Road debut。With blood pouring out of an Acacia……My Northland covered with red beans, enchanting the idea of thousands of Xinyu。You know, this is a miss, how many will be turned into a Blue Bird, for me, that you have Tankan city?  Blue Bird said: Iraqis melancholy, weaving love sitting on the crescent; Blue Bird, said: Iraqis heartbroken, tears buried lying on petals; Blue Bird said: Iraqis sleepless, was sitting on the read write sky……Countless Blue Bird, said: Iraqis are waiting for you, so you walk into this city……And your city, but did not echo。Suddenly, I heard, I heard that the city of your footsteps, Youyuanerjin……  A tie clear word to say who?A piece of paper Su Jian, who sent love?Kam inch ink, wanton flooding my thoughts。Despite Bluebird, many times have you peek the city, interfering with your dreams。No, in fact, you have sleepless。You want to sit beside me, not afraid of Crescent Moon load; you want to collect my Zhu Lei, afraid petals lost aroma; you want to lie on the sky and I read a poem, a pen, the days have been large bright……  Obsessed with reading, reading is Blue Bird, which I do not know tired, two cities, let freedom fly Bluebird。So, this city, I hear your breath; the city, you light smell my taste……  “Kind of Acacia, Xianchou。This situation no account can be removed only under the brow but our hearts”……  Obsessed read, cut, and chaotic; take flight, minds, think alike。  Blue Bird is read, peek into it; you come to my city, peek, for me……  Days of street light rain starting on March 3, 2013