Self-test can not replace anti-cancer screening at age 20 should be the prevention of breast cancer


October each year as "World Breast Cancer Awareness Month"。Although the incidence of breast cancer in high-risk situation in a country, but living in a considerable number of women is still very weak awareness of disease prevention, early symptoms of breast cancer screening do not know the way。He believes that women from the age of 20 should be the prevention of breast cancer awareness, breast health care if they can do it, pay attention to benign disease, malignant lesions face, it is easy to achieve breast cancer early detection and early treatment。
If it is found at an early stage breast cancer and standardized treatment, the patient's five-year survival rate of up to 95%, but early detection rate of only 20% of all patients。
Regular screening for early detection of breast cancer is an important way of。No regular screening of breast cancer family history of breast cancer, no history of benign breast disease or women in general。During the 20-30 years of age, clinical breast examination every three years, including clinical breast examination and breast B super; over the age of 40 years old asymptomatic woman best annual clinical examination and breast X-ray photography, commonly known as mammography。
Respect to the X-ray density of more than 50% of the glands, ultrasound need to join B。Have a family history of breast cancer, with breast disease or benign tumor, obese women, early menstruation early, breast cancer in postmenopausal women at high risk of delays, should be screened earlier and shorten the screening interval is recommended to conduct a breast X-ray every year from the age of 35 United B ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging examination breast。
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