British media: Manchester United genius has been approved break Moody handsome Mussina treat people too sick


  According to British media, Sky Sports News, Manchester United left back Luke – Shaw will seriously consider his future in the summer。
After again being publicly criticized Mourinho – Luke Shaw has some enough。   FA Cup after Manchester United beat Brighton's game, Mourinho publicly criticized – Luke Shaw failed to comply with its own tactical instructions, which makes Luke – Shaw himself unhappy。
Shaw and Manchester United could only multi-year contract, plus the lack of opportunities to get along with Mourinho unhappy, he is seriously considering leaving the team – currently Luke。
  Luke – people around Shaw told Sky Sports: "Mourinho is the way to treat Luke absolute disgrace if he has an opinion on Luke, can be placed entirely resolved internally。
If this happens among other areas of work, this is a presumed case of dismissal, and this really disgusting。 A few weeks ago, Mourinho also praised Luke – Shaw, now Luke – Shaw becomes good for nothing。
Luke is a strong guy, he will not let Mourinho ruin his life。 He would consider his future in the summer, he is still looking forward to becoming one of England's World Cup played in Russia。 "Not difficult to see, Luke – Shaw's team believes Mourinho is deliberately making things difficult, you want to drive away – Luke Shaw。 So far this season – Luke Shaw Manchester United only played 15 games, of which only seven Premier League。 Mike Mussina in the left back position on more trust Ashley – Young。
Manchester United this summer may introduce new aid in this position – Luke Shaw is not the team not for sale。 If there is a conflict Shaw and Jose Mourinho this summer, leaving the team is almost inevitable。   (Raleigh)。