Sex is not a plug-in is so wonderful


For love not insert can also enjoy a wonderful sex you must have a lot of people are in doubt, then, exactly how you want to enjoy this wonderful under it following specific get to know it。 Sex is not a plug-in is so wonderful it comes to sex, people immediately think of the penis into the vagina of a standardized sexual intercourse, but to delve into sex today is not inserted into the process, to change our sexual attitudes and enrich our sex life。 Whether male or female, has a sexual dysfunction when some are temporary and some are permanent。
The most serious sexual dysfunction is entirely of male erectile dysfunction caused paraplegia。
Social modern car accident caused by the high side, but also to the increasing number of this group。
Other causes of erectile dysfunction are also common, accounting for 10% of men, with the body aging and physical decline, sexual function also continue to decline, 70 years old, 60% of men have erectile dysfunction。
It features erectile dysfunction low incidence of young people, a high incidence in the elderly。
Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation mild approximately 15% of men, 10% moderate, and severe premature ejaculation approximately 5%。
Features high incidence of premature ejaculation are young, they are due to the rapid ejaculation not only their own sexual gratification is not good, their spouse is painful, often poured cold water poured on at the crucial moment of burning passion to make married life Mongolia the shadow。
Women will not like because of a variety of diseases inserted intercourse, then in other ways instead of the more important。 In fact, when people seek to insert as the center of sex, but also into a misunderstanding, the way of life of steady decline, the fun is also reduced。
Women often complain that men do not desire sex with a woman not care, just want to have sex when it reflects the attentive and friendly。 Men are afraid of women, not afraid to show the glory of man, the more fear, the more of a shot in quick succession poor play。
Because people are concerned about how long it can last, so that the already romantic harmonious sexual life becomes tedious, couples suffering from sexual dysfunction is trapped sit grudge。
In fact, even sexual dysfunction, you can still get a good sexual satisfaction, the key is how to treat sex。 Sex is not a plug-in is so wonderful premise, to overcome the psychological barriers。 No sexual dysfunction couple foreplay sex life can be very rich, and many people get sexual satisfaction in foreplay in a long time, they have no further intercourse, but we all feel satisfied, especially good in mind care of the elderly and some young women her husband's body。 Couple sexual dysfunction think foreplay is to pave the way for sexual intercourse, there is no sexual intercourse, foreplay what use is it very easy to think so especially men。 They can not erect, in front of women think they have no dignity。 In fact, many women do not necessarily need to insert intercourse, exchange of feelings and the feelings of stroke is also very good。
The key is to overcome male inferiority and shame, so it can bring joy and happiness to the woman for themselves。 In the process of psychological counseling and encouragement are very important to women。 Here we introduce a few for couples suffering from sexual dysfunction, the method used。
1.Play a compensatory role of a common people know the truth, that is, hearing the blind are often better than the average person, which is why it is called compensatory effect on medicine。
Other organs also have a similar phenomenon。 The severity of the dysfunction of some people, such as paraplegia patients, some of them have lost the feeling of genitals, but they are by kissing and oral sex, the height of the lips congestion, achieve a similar orgasm same reaction, which is a compensatory role。
Modern medicine human skin is the largest organ, but since we often inserted for the purpose of ignoring the development and use of skin sensation。 I met a loving couple, because the women have vaginismus, they do not have the plug-in sexual intercourse, oral sex with each other but they did reach the perfect degree。
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