This soup is easy attracted stomach, you still drink it?(1)


  Eat salt too much can lead to hypertension, heart disease and stroke, which is already people are aware of medical knowledge。But many people do not know that eating too "salty" will increase the risk。  Drunk instant soup is the high-salt diet Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (equivalent to China's Ministry of Health) pointed out that the Japanese high-fat, diet-related and mainly。
It is simply too much salt intake。  "World Cancer Research Fund" expert Rachel Thompson said, is a little-known soup containing high salt hidden food, restaurant kitchens in the soup, the flavor will be more salt in order to increase。
The sale of supermarket instant soup, salt content and even up to half a person per day of salt intake standards。So you had better do it yourself cooking salt light soup, so can play a role in protecting the health of the stomach。
  These foods vigilance "invisible salt" The researchers also point out that a lot of people the taste alone to determine whether the excessive salt, such practices do not fly, in order to reduce daily salt intake, one at the time of purchase food, pay attention to see Packing on the salt content; the second is wary of food in these "invisible salt"。
  1.Noodles: noodles will be added when manufacturing the right amount of salt and alkali, it Naizhu, but people eat noodles when eating salty not come forward, that flour without salt。
  2.Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate water-containing food: baking soda and water containing sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride into the impact body (sodium salt) are the same on the body。Many noodle market will add baking soda to increase flexibility, coupled with the sesame sodium is also high, it is easy to excessive sodium intake。
  3.White bread: flour sheet more than 600 milligrams of sodium content can, if then coated peanut butter, jam and other seasonings, is easily exceeded。In addition, the more chocolate bread, pineapple buns, bread and other soufflés with bread and butter, sodium is high。  4.Jelly: low-calorie jelly, good taste, many people use the jelly as a daily snack。
However, the production process will be added to the jelly materials containing sodium, per 100 g of jelly also contains 30 milligrams of sodium, it is included in the high-salt food。  Fives.Radish sauce, radish, pickled potherb mustard, pickle and mustard pickles and other: for every 100 grams of radish sauce grams of salt, other pickles, pickles salt content is also high, try not to eat daily。  6.Sports drink: 1 can in 600 ml sports drink may contain 252 milligrams of sodium, if not more prolonged exercise or sweating case, it is best not to sports drinks as water supplement。