Croatian generals: In addition to Macy's each of us stronger position than Argentina


"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">It reported net goal, Heikki Zupan?i? Croatia midfielder believes the team can beat Argentina in the next game, because of their greater strength。Top two qualify d group will meet this week in Argentina in the first round 1-1 draw with Iceland, Croatia and the 2-0 victory over Nigeria。 These two games is not what a classic battle, but if Croatia can beat Argentina in the next game, then they can qualify to top the group identity。Heikki Zupan?i? insisted that Messi is the only advantage of Argentina, he said: "Argentina is according to Lai Meixi, even though they are in other locations also have great players。Most of the time, Messi should take care of others, he is a phenomenal player, he can solve the game at any time。"" We do not need to be afraid of Argentina, because in addition to Macy's, our personal ability is stronger than Argentina, so we should do well, look at yourself and not caring。"Apart from Heikki Zupan?i?, Croatia also has Modric, Rakitic Man Chu Keech and other stars。d group header Teams will face in the 16?Second group, namely France, Denmark, Australia or Peru。