After acupuncture which symptoms are normal depth and angle of acupuncture needles


Acupuncture is one of the traditional methods of treatment, acupuncture mainly through the human body piercing needle method to treat disease, so acupuncture was done, some people will be some reaction。
For these reactions, do not be afraid, it is possible that turn a good performance。
1, also known as qi meridians channeling sense, there are exciting moment of feeling that this is a good sign。 2, feeling the heat energy to the perineum, which is a good sign, indicating that the function of the uterus significant effect of temperature on, open up the Conception Vessel。
3, blisters, rash is caused by damp in the body, blood poisoning too much, the more the more this phenomenon to moxibustion。 4, done after moxibustion, ruddy complexion becomes shiny, plump moist。 Quickly fades pigmentation, acne disappears。 After acupuncture which symptoms are normal depth and angle of acupuncture needles 5, after the finish, the mood became a lot of people happy, and I feel very relaxed。 Very good feeling。 6, the summer is better to sweat out。 But winter moxibustion to the body sweating slightly better, especially in the forehead, palms, Zuxin to a Rehan, who must sweat out the body relatively empty of people。
7, cold feeling, after moxibustion will feel cool to take, more people will be cold this phenomenon, to be more moxibustion。 8, thermal, abdominal fever went up to the lower back Baihui, Yongquan went down。 Meridian, effective。 9, Shen sense, is normal, more like a big rock pressure。 Poor blood circulation meridian barrier。 10, stomach growling, or exhaust, which is to promote bowel movements, help rid the body of an aggregate, is a very good sign。 11, if the oil abdomen or lower back, blood viscosity, high cholesterol, blood toxins too much garbage, is a very good sign。 12, several times before doing moxibustion do not feel anything, only hot spot, indicating the meridian barrier, relatively cold body。
13, do moxibustion upper body lower body heat or just hot, very hot show that the meridian is not very bust through。
14, there occur during moxibustion palm or Zuxin cold sweats, a discharge phenomenon before the cold Rehan described cold body weight。 15, done after the dry mouth, throat discomfort, there are instructions on coke virtual fire, do you want to do with the neck and moxibustion, the effect will be very good。
16, moxibustion hot start, do not feel hot after a period of time, it is normal plateau, there is the meridian adapted to the need to use raging fire moxibustion。
17, aches, fatigue, somnolence (sleepy during the day): physique acidic, poor blood circulation, lack of blood, accelerate blood circulation after moxibustion, so weak constitution before the people two or three times there will be fatigue, drowsiness phenomenon。 After acupuncture which symptoms are normal depth and angle of 18 acupuncture needles, shortness of breath or is not smooth, emotional instability, heavy head: weak heart function, cardiac insufficiency, partial thick blood。 19, site of sore kidneys, (backache, waist cold) increased urine output, urine color changes: poor kidney function, kidney deficiency, Yang。 20, earlier or later: the role of moxibustion is the first move towards female and male reproductive system, so women do for adjustment within three months moxibustion menstruation, menstruation may be earlier or later。 21, after finishing the lower increase moxibustion, secretions or blood clots: gynecological bad irregular menstruation, menstrual adjustment, there will be chaos after a brief。
22, done after the body moxibustion increased soreness or powerlessness:, the month the wind, the body has rheumatism, disappeared after a few。
23, done after moxibustion continuous sweating: the body humid, as Ai Chun-yang fire, humidity and helps to cold。 24, done several times moxibustion feel under the virtual real thirst very typical symptoms improved after the reaction had several, feeling sicker, it is recommended to drink more water, you can do a 3-5 day, in the middle interspersed do,。
25, below the belly button blisters, there is a gynecological problems, as well as the red dot is under the blisters have blisters intestinal inflammation Cullen wet cold, serious people will play a round crusty Cullen。