After all, what shares traded?Founder Fubon Fund preferably two days soared 11%


Denied huge withdrawal, then what changed what Awkwardness?  Edged down 0.73%, 5 plunged.44%; the Shanghai Composite Index fell 3.78% of the Fund's net fell 6.18%。What causes a net energy fund two days down 11.28%, Awkwardness step on mine?It was huge withdrawal?  Founder slump is preferably flexible configuration hybrid funds Fubon。June 15 On Friday, the Shanghai index fell 0.73%, 1 dived.89%, the index fell 0.53%。Founder Fubon preferably flexible configuration hybrid fund?Class A share net fell 5.77%, A class net share fell 5.44%, to become a full 4100 market fund (each share separate statistics) the largest decrease of funds。  Japan on Tuesday, June 19, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 3.78%, the GEM index fell 5.76%, CSI 300 index fell 3.53%。Founder Fubon preferably flexible configuration hybrid fund?Class A share net fell 6.12%, A class net share fell 6.18% decline the day before still ranks among the top in the whole market funds, A, Class C net new units were 0.8650 yuan, 1.0730 yuan。  "Securities" reporter noted that according to the data, only the net value of Class A shares June 14 0.9750 yuan calculation, Founder Fubon preferably flexible configuration hybrid fund has fallen two days 11.28%。  Although it is a hybrid fund, but the fund has been holding large blue-chip dominated, how could fall so much?Many investors hold the fund expressed doubts。Reporters noted that since May, the net value of the fund volatility have been relatively small, only May 30 and June 1 fell more than 1%。  Reporters inquiries in the first quarter 2018 quarterly holdings of the fund, found that the top ten holdings are China Ping An, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Farah electronics, Bank of China, Ji Chuan Pharmaceutical Co., China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank, China International Travel Service, NCI, SAIC Group, the top ten holdings accounted for a total of 60 positions.07%, while total equity position of 87%。That removed the top ten Awkwardness, the market value of the remaining holding of about 27%。  "The top ten positions in stocks recently are not unusual performance, down significantly less than the market, the Fund's net certainly fall not so much。"Shanghai a private person in charge of the" Securities "reporter analysis, it is likely that the fund was a huge redemption。"If the huge concentration of redemption before a trading day, the fund did not sell advance positions, the position is still relatively high, the next day once the market fluctuations, redemptions by net redemptions the previous trading day, the outstanding share net down will be very powerful。"But the customer service staff of" Securities "reporter, said the fund now operating as usual, and did not notice abnormal feedback or large redemption。She said flexible configuration Fund name implies more "flexible", not specially configured cap blue chip。Why a quarterly Awkwardness solid performance, but net worth fell so much?The customer service said, a quarterly position data is as of March 31 of this year, has fast mid-June, "has been a long time coming, you can not do with a quarterly reference positions。"When reporters want to inform the customer slump reason, she said should be market reasons。If the fund holders want to know more detailed information, you can provide your name and ID number, and she went down to consult stakeholders。  Above-mentioned person in charge of a private Shanghai believes, Founder Fubon preferred flexible configuration of two fund managers Wang Jian and Xu Chao, working time is not short, there are several funds on hand at the same time management, stable operation, the performance of the past year It is also good, is unlikely to change significantly in the warehouse, "If redemption is not huge, just for positions resulting from, I really do not know what the stock exchange would lead to the collapse。"