Commission to punish the mass sale of business crime stock issuance examination committee members before the forfeiture of 4.9.9 billion


Central 7 inspection teams to carry out special inspections during which I will, I will be handed over to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange before the staff, a part-time member of the Public Offering Review Committee Von trees suspected of illegal stock trading clues。Will party attaches great importance to the relevant clues, the requirements to be a thorough investigation。After careful and meticulous investigation, trial work through layers of analysis of complex business architecture for unraveling complex financial transactions situation, I will find out, in the name of Feng tree has Pengmou Chang mother, spouse's sister He Moumei of shares to be listed the company and selling shares in the company after the listing obtain huge profits, the transaction amount totaled 2.5.1 billion profit amounted to 2.4.8 billion yuan。  Von trees bear an important responsibility as a regulatory cadres to break the law in the name of others assault shares before the listing, the listing to sell the stock to obtain benefits, in violation of the relevant provisions on the stock exchange buying and selling stocks practitioners Article 43 "Securities Act" seriously disrupting the capital market management order。In accordance with the provisions of Article 199 of the "Securities Act", I decided to confiscate the illegal income trees von 2.4.8 billion yuan, and sentenced to two top grid.5.1 billion yuan fine。Meanwhile, the lifelong Shichangjinru take measures against Feng tree。  Commission to investigate stock trading in illegal tree von behavior, the letter of the implementation of the central patrol rectification, fully reflects the Commission blacksmith need its own hardware sense of responsibility and courage to face the problem of mission play。Since the party's eighteen, the Commission seriously study of Party General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, the CPC Central Committee, State Council and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the deployment requirements, always adhere to the party building and business "with both hands, letting go", will continue to strictly comprehensive party rule, a comprehensive strict management will deepen, clean government has made new progress。Central to the special inspection as an opportunity to reform, the Commission issued a series of regulatory documents, pitching cage system, regulate the exercise of power, especially important to strengthen supervision and restraint of the power sector, the key and sensitive positions, continue to strengthen the organization and discipline cadres the concept of clean politics consciousness, to maintain stable and healthy development of capital markets, hold the bottom line systemic financial risk does not occur provides a powerful system security, organizational security。  The Commission will uphold the law, comprehensive, strict regulatory principles, keep the pressure on illegal activities, firmly hold the bottom line systemic financial risk does not occur。Cadres of the system will not tolerate illegal activities, severely punished according to the law, continued efforts to increase accountability, laughs at himself first, to promote the comprehensive development of the party strictly in depth, firmly safeguard the financial order and promote the safe operation of the financial sector。(Original title: blacksmith need its own hardware Exchange Commission cadres severely punished illegal acts of buying and selling stocks) (Editor: DF075)