After the Rockets won a ball, the entire west have been disturbed!


  Today's game for the Rockets and Spurs is very important, because once lost they will record the Nuggets and Jazz and the same, and the Spurs will play against each other due to inferior record came in 10th。   Asked before the game and the players have not talked to the playoffs when the situation, Gregg gives a negative answer: "We never talked about。 "Popovich said:" Do you think they do not know the team is now ranked the first of several it?Do you think they do not know how many games the team wins it?Do you think they are fools?"Although the surface looks very Buddha system, but the heart is very concerned about。   The first section of the middle of the field, the Spurs scored back anti untimely, let Ariza completed back layup, a direct wave angrily called timeout, five on five under and then, put on another set of lineup。
  Word to describe the game, that is – rocket to suspend all called Bobo。
  Harden campaign played 29 minutes, 17 shots 6, wherein the pointers in only 2 of 11 shots, iron death, the results data table look opened, the audience 28 minutes dengue plate 6 co-6, still conventional operating。   Dengue just come back and shake down others, also staged a record no-look pass; do not blow not black, poisonous sister also read several times only to find that dengue is how to pass the ball。 。
  Another dengue, the audience voted 7 0, relying on free throws to get 1 point, do not know is dead cows。
  Paul continued good performance, he was in the fourth quarter preceding the offense and passing, helping the team in one fell swoop would be worse to pull 20 separate outside, directly to the game lost suspense。
  San Antonio people are still lost the crucial game。
From February to now, the Spurs played a total of 14 games, they won only three games during which the team ranking fell to 10th from third all the way west。   More people are watching recall, this is the Spurs for the first time in many years before the end of the season failed to advance eight western?  This time last year, everyone was shouting: "There are three things that Americans can not escape – death, taxes, the Spurs got 50 wins!"Now the Spurs can not enter the playoffs, it has become a concern for all。
  Wave and a small card will be meeting tomorrow to discuss a specific return period no superstars, such as strong wave can only put the Spurs to the playoffs edge。
If the Spurs did not make the playoffs this season, will be the first time since the 1996-97 season, Popovich is the first time in his coaching career。
  Also today, the Thunder won the King, climbed to fourth partition, while the Jazz after a 11-game winning streak and now six straight, and finally in a position to forward the first 10, No. 8。
  After losing the Spurs, Warriors a playoff spot locked in advance, as strong as the Warriors want to make the playoffs the Spurs also have to look at his face。   After Unexpectedly, the Rockets won a ball, the entire west are ranked chaos into gruel!  Recommended number of toxic micro-channel public search for "basketball toxic" reply "1024", take you to see the "ball" drag racing with you, you know, replies "live" but also free to watch NBA live video Oh。
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