The central bank published specifications scan code to pay officially entered the era of regulation


Now pay is a very commonplace thing in China, the use of。 Coupled with the recent Alipay and micro letter for the line corresponding subsidy payments are made, making this payment method more acceptable for the average user。
Plus quick scan of the code to pay, no longer have to worry about carrying cash and received counterfeit money, etc., are the means to make such payments quickly spread throughout the vast land。 However, such a convenient and efficient means of payment, on the security of was relatively weak。 Because the access threshold is too low, and therefore the breeding of security risks。
Scan codes paid from the beginning of 2011, the central bank agreed to pay part of the non-bank institutions to carry out pilot barcode payment services within a limited scene。 But in early 2014, it has been paid by way of sweeping regulatory halt code。 Later, after the micro-channel Alipay promotion, he began quietly restart, followed by a large number of vendors to follow up, causing further confusion in the market today。 The central bank released the payment regulations scan code To this end, in December 27, People's Bank of China released the "People's Bank of China on the issuance of barcode payment service specification (Trial)" (YF [2017] No. 296), supporting the issuance of "barcode payment security specification (trial)" and "bar code payment acceptance terminal specifications (trial)" (silver Ban Fa [2017] No. 242 issued) since April 1, 2018 implementation。
The central bank regulations, in accordance with the level of risk prevention capacity, the bar code payment amount hierarchical management。
The network has implemented new regulations as payment, the payment limit the scan code is divided into four grades, respectively, 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan and not limit, divided according to risk prevention capacity, which also means the future be able to sweep the yard every day to pay out much money to spend will depend on risk prevention division of banks and payment institutions to consumers。 If you are using two types include a digital certificate or electronic signature, including (with) more effective elements of the transaction to authenticate a single day aggregate limit of payment institutions by agreement with the client autonomy agreement。 In other words, if you do not want to limit pay, then when you need to pay in the scan code using digital certificates or electronic visa plus a combination of fingerprint or password verification。 Without digital certificates and electronic signatures, just scan code paid by a combination of two ways to verify the password, SMS verification code such as a fingerprint or achieved, the daily limit is 5,000 yuan。
If only secure authentication with a password, fingerprint or mobile phone text messages three ways, limit one-day sweep code to pay 1,000 yuan。
If verification is free, that is only static bar code payment, you pay a single bank account, or all accounts, fast pay one-day total transaction amount is not more than 500 yuan。