Dance flying


1 Zhong Yue natural left Shenzhen, and what was left。Alan told me。At that time, I had gone to work in Dongguan。He said Alan, she died that day, like splashing water, like rain, pouring down from the sky。Perhaps this is a vague presage。What is it that can not only I do not know, Alan also bewildered。Alan and I walked into Papa John's pizza sat, looking for a place to sit near the window down。Alan ordered pizza Mexican style, 12-inch。Although I am a little amazed, but still put up。Through the glass window, across the road is Maoyebaihuo。Mall facade banner has been flashing a row of folded clothes 2 red font。This fleece acts, though not uncommon, but most people have in mind based on petty desires, so knowing the truth of which, but still can not wait to send the money to the mall。Of course, me too。I said to Alan, eating pizza, mortar mall。Alan Enliaoyisheng。Coke probably want to add the ice, a little too cold。Alan said she forgot to tell the waiter, not a cup of Coke with ice。Limited capacity of my stomach, a habit over the years, never add ice cold drink。I said, okay, but this time, the future can not forget。When most women a bad mood, the food are likely to become the object of raging。Like now, apparently。Atmosphere a little lonely, we all just head down, eating pizza Coke。Suddenly a voice choked。At that time, we are also in store。At that time, I have Alan, then a bell Wyatt。Zhong Yue natural under the public, the whole 12-inch pizza Mexican style, throw in a man's face。Moment, the man's cheeks and fair complexion, straight suit, occupation onion, sausage, pineapple, tomato sauce。Very funny。Because when the clock Yue natural anger, Alan and I, muzzled, laughing abruptly put devoured。He called Luan Yang, Yue natural bell boyfriend。No, it should be said to be a liar。Sometimes, love is like a dream, wake up to, but it is so cruel。Luan Yang Yue natural even for the bell to get the company's advertising, the name of love deceived Yue Zhong Ran。I looked up and looked at Alan, her solemn eyes, and I should think the same。I like to eat more, playing a burp。Alan called me, disgusting。I say this is what you asked for it, all right, so big the whole。Finally, stay belly too, and had to give up。Lord ah, forgive these children, now, food waste。Alan and I went Maoyebaihuo, I gain a skirt, dig money is Alan。Her money than I went。I am very scrubby。Shenzhen Zhong Yue ran away, I went to work in Dongguan, Alan went home to do full-time wife。Alone will。Maybe lonely flower prescribe memory。It will be warmer。Once we owned the day, join many。2 Why bad pratyaya always quitting。Friend Yang Ling, because things work, from Shanghai to Shenzhen Corporation。Saturday and Sunday only two days to complete the work, so no time to see me, I went to her company there。It is an advertising company。In the science and technology park there。The first time to science and technology park over there, looking not very smooth。Hot day, I was in the vicinity of dozens of tall storey office wander around for a few laps, that is not seen。Because the office door are roads, piles of sand piled side of the road, and dug sewers。Finally had telephoned her, let her come pick me up。The moment they walked into the office of the company, like I walked into heaven from hell。It is too hot outside。And so sit down, surrounded sweep, although it is Saturday, but people pretty much overtime。She do some advertising copy, had to wait for a while can be good。She got me a public computer, there are a few miscellaneous paper, let me pass the time, waiting for her to get that done。I would be an insight into, what is truly quiet office。In addition to the sound of the keyboard, not even the sound of coughing。so quiet。Suddenly feel afraid breathe it。Yang Ling to work hard to catch, I stroll in the Internet。She finally work to be done, packed, ready to leave together, to a nearby restaurant for dinner。At that very moment, I was in a full-length glass door, saw is preparing pushed open the door of Luan Yang。I stared at Luan Yang, speechless。Luan Yang also shocked。He pushed open the door to stop the action。Yang Ling did not pay attention to my face, went opened the glass door, Luan Yang smiled and nodded, took me out the door。Luan Yang did not speak, into the office。I asked Yang Ling, know him。She said did not know, the headquarters of so many colleagues, she probably all know how。who cares。Just walked into the elevator, I do not know his mind Flanagan Zhu wrong。I ran out of the elevator and into the office。I saw Luan Yang, loaded with notebook on the table。I shouted Luan Yang bastard。All the people in the office, uniform raised his head, looked at me。Duo followed by Yang Ling came to see this scene, it is baffling。I probably lost my head, walked over Luan Yang asked him, know then left the Shenzhen Zhong Yue。He saw office colleagues, all looked at him, his face instantly changed。I do not care, continued。You are not fared well Yeah, very high positions yet。You rascal, how can this playing with the feelings of others。Yang Ling exhausted body strength, pulled me out of the。Leaving a look of embarrassment Luan Yang。Dinner, I put the bell Yue natural thing, back and forth and told Yang Ling。Later, Yang Ling returned to Shanghai, I also, like gossip, so she inquired Luan Yang in the company's situation。Luan Yang had not been in the house before the advertising company to do。He went to the company now, girlfriend, also with the company's。Girlfriend, then that is it stepping on two boats that。I suddenly had evil thoughts, to find out his girlfriend, to break it。I think called to tell Alan, she severely criticized my meal。Alan says, such people will sooner or later be cast aside some of。I thought, entirely possible。3 Alan to return to Nanjing to go to her parents live。Before he left, and I also deliberately eat meals。Zhong Yue natural and it has not contact us。It seems that the dead girl, we should be completely removed from memory。Alan and I have been scolded her, bruising her wrong to say。Be final, it just adds sad。Friendship is a strange thing, sometimes, far enough away, but more intimate。Particularly miss Yue natural and Alan Bell。The weather has been bad, the sky is always bleak, gloomy, melancholy like a special boy。A woman put it to me this year, if others are also considered to be naive, that is a tragedy。Do non want to get involved too much in, do not want to have too many ideas, it is so simple, have a stable income, have a harmonious home, go in peace。But then I found is not the case。My so-called heartless, I do not care about, but the sake of someone else's effort。No wonder Alan Before leaving, I still worry like this, to say how I live it。I really understand。After that is was framed several others, came to understand the。I always remember, many years ago, I can proudly shout out loud, how unreasonable this world。Today, I have learned to keep quiet。Secular torrent has let all this enthusiasm and blood, becomes how insignificant。Unable to subvert lonely, like a bone from crevices grow out of the curve, wrapped the whole body and mind。Might as well return to the country's former residence, sitting in the tiny attic, concentrate on doing needlework, personnel troubles too。Disorganized。I was in such a time, the idle, and busy, to do when the power of its students, in their heart of hearts, planting a lush green forest。Alan asked me to do this planting。I said I was to be in later years, sitting in the empty life of these darn shade。With a sharp, pain, and memorable。4 my birthday that night, Zhong Yue natural midnight phone call。I walked out of the room, standing on the balcony answer the phone。I have the courage to question her, why did go, did not play repeatedly call。But I kept getting asked her bad。She began to wish me a happy birthday。And then asked who had birthdays。I said no dear, only colleagues。I said I easily pull a bottle of wine from home。And colleagues drank。But how well I did not drink, good wine wind。I also show off a bit, he received a large bouquet of flowers。Having my thing, just the mention of her things。She said she was doing well, but with a guilty tone。I think I know。She said small niece, very agreeable people like。Long hair, she would give little niece tie small daily debate。Look her to dinner, make her play, is a very interesting thing。By to see her little face, smiling with floral hearts there will be shares of inexplicable happiness。I praise her patient。She said her heart has a small fine could not be more。My throat thump a bit。Finally, Luan Yang, she said nothing。I told her, Alan made a full-time wife, mother and now home to go back to Nanjing。I told her that I was in Dongguan, a very small village work。She said this is very good, some quiet little place。I am actively make a sentence, driving a car, soon to feasting place。She first stunned for three seconds, then smiled and said, you?Drops want to get really more。I said that, but really it。We actually talked more than 40 minutes。hang up the phone。I was relieved。Climb on the fence balcony, eyes looking at the sky unawares laugh。Although the night sky, there is no ray of moonlight, the stars no one, and even some dark, but I still think, really is a happy day tonight。Good mood。If it is not late at night, I am sure the call Alan。Bell went to Hangzhou Yue natural sister's home。A place to live, very close from the West Lake。She said the first thing to get up every day, is a walk to the West Lake。I can think of, West Lake willow, rest in the middle of the lake powder charge。Lake inverted silent Lei Feng tower, and quartzite of the bridge。These enough to let her heart calm down。The next day, I took these, called to tell Alan。Be happy, right。But I did not say Chung Yue natural, on I met Luan Yang, also scolded him things。Alan said, it did not say it was right to prevent complications。Everyone says, time is the best medicine for the treatment of wounds。Then try it, can only believe that the。5 in the mild evening, I sat on a stone bench downstairs, watching a group of children playing with paper airplane。Old banyan figure tall, dense foliage。At least twenty years long。I had made the promise, no longer alone in exile。Just spring haze, it has been spread in the early summer。Behind it a deliberate long-blooming, to be seen whether others。I do not know, did not know。Life long way, time is very light, very short。Love with the fastest speed, rapid growth。It has swept over the sun across the river, passing forest。We all used to be a sincere person。We all used to be a simple man。We are people who used to be his help。The familiar warmth, has been in my head。However, I still have a bell Wyatt said, do a good-looking woman, believe in love。