Japanese friends fell in love with China "long johns" is called cold "artifact"


Hokkaido high school girls wear short skirts to school in the snow show a leg。
(Screenshot) November 8 electric saw picture above, has been put on long johns Xiao Bian feel a cold leg。
This Japanese sister really so frost?Japanese are so do not wear Qiuku winter?Beautiful "frozen ice-free people."?Japanese archipelago has a maritime climate, winter is actually sensible temperature slightly higher than the actual air temperature。 Coupled with the Japanese emphasis on young children's willpower, baby nursery pupils still wear short skirts and shorts in late autumn。 The Japanese media reported that the Japanese female high school students in Hokkaido, some still wearing short skirts show a leg in the snow to school。 You know, except for some coastal areas, the average temperature of the coldest month of winter in Hokkaido is about minus 8 degrees Celsius, minimum temperature even up to minus 30 degrees Celsius。
Hokkaido female high school students to wear short skirts in such a cold snowy day in barelegged school in Japan, also called wonders。 According to reports, the reason for this high school girl wearing a "pay attention to image", and the secret was actually cold "used to it"。 Such admirable beauty of the heart had no choice。 The herd mentality kidnapped Japanese media also reported that a Japanese high school boys to go to school without a coat, the reason turned out to be "herd mentality"。 A boy says this school, because the students around them do not wear a coat to school, do not want to appear to be outliers or weakness in people, we had to endure the cold to you "in line."。 Experts said the winter barelegged will make the waist and legs catch cold, can lead to poor blood circulation, menstrual disorders, gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and other problems, really harmful。
You think they do not wear Qiuku?Earlier on various reports, many people think that the Japanese do not wear Qiuku, it is not true。
Reporters learned from a number of Japanese friends, many Japanese are also used to wear Qiuku。 Japan introduced a new mother, Uniqlo HEATTECH products selling well this year, early on she put Qiuku。
Japanese media reports, HEATTECH technology Japan Uniqlo clothing warm clothing on sale 15 years ago, sales have exceeded 1 billion。 This year into the late autumn, cold-blooded Japanese Internet users have expressed their love of social networking site Qiuku。 Now do not wear Qiuku HEATTECH will die, in the end I have a problem or a problem with the whole world?Even Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso have said that he was "only select HEATTECH" in the winter。
Japanese television station recently reported that Aso was elected in the House of Representatives election。
Aso Declaration: "winter wear HEATTECH, will go to Shinjuku Uniqlo stores to buy in bulk。
'' Both beautiful and warm 'charade Japanese friend told reporters that some Japanese older people prefer to wear Qiuyiqiuku, and some young people are more focused on beauty and fashion, put on Qiuyiqiuku feel too bloated, I want to keep out the cold will usually choose between two methods when both beautiful and warm: first, wear flesh-colored stockings and boots。
Winter street there are a lot of Japanese girls wearing short skirts, bare legs like a distance。
A closer look, they found that wearing flesh-colored stockings, and then with boots to reduce the exposed portion。 Second, warm – essential。
Many young people like to use warm treasure include disposable and reusable products。 Reusable warm treasure most adorable, not only warm, but also when the decorations。
Lovely macarons style warm -。
Disposable fever stickers can be attached to clothing or skin, it can also be placed in a pocket or shoe, very flexible usage。 Japanese television show, male and female treasure the warm side attached to the suit。
(Video screenshot) However, be careful not to get burnt if you use warm -。
(Xinhua international headlines micro-channel public number) Original title: Editor: Fan Fei, Xu snow。