Decoration style economic system in mid-2017 the State Council executive meeting to change the focus of the mission


Premier Li Keqiang on April 5 State Council executive meeting chaired by the deployment of the implementation of the priority tasks of economic reform in 2017, relying on reform and promote development and improve people breaking problems; determine the current and future policy measures to promote employment and entrepreneurship for some time, and resolutely fight stable and expand employment of tough battle。  According to the CPC Central Committee on deepening economic reform points and "government work report" requirement this year, the meeting defined the key tasks of economic restructuring and division of labor, all departments should emphasize with greater courage and tenacity, to take up the responsibility for promoting reforms, pay close attention to the fine the focus of the reform program of the task, especially with the task of reforming the eighth session of the Third Plenary session of the party's deployment on the table, make up as soon as the weak link。To promote supply-side structural reforms as the main line, clutching the key focus areas continued to force reform。To use a more market-oriented means the rule of law, promoting the "three to a drop fill a" reform mission made new substantive progress, with particular emphasis on improvement through the placement of workers, disposal of debt, asset disposal and other policies to promote and market exit mechanism resolve excess capacity, focus on improving the quality and efficiency of economic development。Second, we must continue to deepen decentralization, put the tube in combination, to optimize service reform, strengthen supervision and optimization afterwards things in government service, pay close attention to the development of a list of administrative examination and approval intermediary services, professional qualifications, fees and other government pricing, the formation of a unified national government service platform, It will create a better environment for the real economy upgrade。Third, we must improve the innovation-driven development of institutional mechanisms to promote a number of mature public entrepreneurship and innovation models and experience, and promote property rights protection floor initiative to stimulate entrepreneurship, artisan spirit, and strive to enhance the kinetic energy of the new growth engine。Fourth, we should further promote the financial and taxation, state-owned state-owned enterprises, opening, environmental protection and other agricultural reform and supply-side structural reforms landing effective, efforts to promote economic structural optimization and upgrading。Fifth, we must vigorously promote the old-age insurance, education, medical and health and other social sector reform and tackling poverty, to attract more private capital through innovative mechanisms to increase the effective supply of public services, and strive to improve the masses to get a sense of。The meeting urged all departments to work together to promote the enhancement of reform。Strengthen supervision and reform evaluation and impact assessment, follow-up study new situations and problems, timely adjust and improve the reform measures。Accountability and improve the incentive mechanism to support local and grass-roots initiative to try a bold break with the actual promotion of effective experience and promote reforms to achieve greater breakthroughs。  It was noted that employment is the largest of more than 1.3 billion people's livelihood。Faced with the grim employment situation, increased pressure this year, according to the "Government Work Report" deployment, implementation of employment strategies and priorities more active employment policy, at the same time implement the existing policy, the introduction of new measures to promote employment: First, the development and taxation when financial, industrial and other major economic policies, a comprehensive assessment of the impact to employment, economic growth and expanding employment linkage, structural optimization and employment transition collaborative。The second is to expand the space for new employment。Continue to promote the "double hit", the development of entrepreneurial support, will meet the requirements of enterprises into new formats encourage innovation and entrepreneurship and creating jobs preferential policies to support range。Explore unemployment, work injury insurance and other ways to adapt to flexible employment protection。Encourage open sharing government to buy the basic patent or technical resources to support small and micro enterprise collaborative innovation。Third, focus groups supported employment。Capacity heavy task to go to excess, and more waiting list of employees increased focus on difficult areas of employment assistance。Support local guide social capital investment funded by fiscal, employment of college graduates to set up venture capital funds。To encourage local qualified college graduates, have difficulty finding employment entrepreneurship time subsidy。Expand employment of college graduates trainee subsidies range, hard in remote areas, old industrial base, state-level poverty-stricken counties to expand the trainee may object to a vocational school leavers unemployed graduates。The poor families of disabled people, poor families and other college graduates into the job entrepreneurial scope of subsidies。Farmer cooperatives and stable employment to absorb labor from poor families more than one year may be granted up award。Further implement the resettlement of ex-servicemen policy。Fourth, to strengthen vocational training and employment services。According to law, unemployment insurance for more than 3 years, then the vocational qualification certificate or skill level of enterprise workers can apply for subsidies for skills upgrading。Promoting vocational training for full coverage of the new generation of migrant workers。Simplify procedures laborer job to promote the entry designated examination results and to establish mutual recognition mechanism。Fifth, the implementation of students to return to entrepreneurship and innovation start-up support programs to encourage entrepreneurship and other intellectual property rights to shares。Simplify the academic certification procedures, the law is focused on the introduction of talent and high-level overseas talent to apply for permanent residence to facilitate。  The meeting also studied other matters。(Original title: Li Keqiang: support local and grass-roots initiative to test the actual bold Chuang) (Editor: DF075)