University of Michigan study found that: Children 4 years old will eat decompression


  Article excerpts are as follows: Associate Professor, University of Michigan School of Public Health Miller (AlisonMiller), said previous studies have shown that if there is poor childhood experience or experience extreme pressure to grow up easily lead to obesity or obesity。 But exactly how to embark on the road to obesity, but there has been no research。
  New research published in the academic journal Pediatrics (AcademicPediatrics) showed that 4-year-old to 7-year-old child, when confronted with pressure, have begun to have a "release emotions by eating" behavior, she said, it is clear that after these kids, easy obesity or health is threatened situation。
  The study, investigators from 2009 to 2015, observed 207 children of low-income families, children eating behaviors recorded when the face of pressure, was found by observation of children without hunger situation, as long as under pressure, eating behavior will increase, and this phenomenon can be interpreted as "emotional eating" (emotionalovereating)。   In this study, the so-called early pressure suffered by children, mainly refers to the chaos of family environment, or long-term negative events in life, such as violence or bloodshed witnessed traumatic event or experience material deprivation。 Poor children are particularly exposed to violence, lack of food and the mood among the concerns。
These pressures can affect the nerves, cognitive, social emotional, physical health, etc.。   Research indicates that children living under pressure, though not hungry, still through emotional binge eating and relieve stress。
Miller said that concern children diet, drawn up in response to stress coping strategies, it is important to solve these problems mode。
  Miller said that public health institutions should be screening these risks at an early stage to address community health issues, including food shortages, lack of exercise, give parents support and help enhance children's skills to adapt to the pressure regulator。