James downturn Miami debacle two shooters cut 51 points rout Spurs 2-1


  Ticker on June 12, the Miami Heat in the second half collapse, away to 77-113 defeat to the Spurs, with a total score of 1-2 behind。   Role players Danny – Green and Gary – Neal stole all the limelight, Green shot 7 9 three-pointers, scored a game-high 27 points; overtime – Neil came off the bench, 10 three-pointers 6 vote, had 24 points。
GDP is actually a combination of a "supporting role" – Tim Duncan scored 12 points and 14 rebounds, Tony – Parker 6 points and eight assists, Manu – Manu Ginobili dunk twice, scored seven points and six assists。
Cowie – Leonard scored 14 points and 12 rebounds。 Spurs audience voted 16 in 32 three-pointers, setting a Finals record。
  Heat the "Big Three" out of shape, LeBron – James 21 vote 7, had 15 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists, Dwyane – Wade 15 shots 7, had 16 points and Chris Bosh – 10 from 4 12 points 10 rebounds。
Mike – Miller 5 three-pointers vote 5, scored 15 points, Ray – Allen 4 points。
  Spurs grab home-court advantage in the first battle, starting today, they will not even hit three home。 But in the second game, the Spurs in the final minutes of the third quarter collapse, and ultimately defeat 19 points, the two sides battle 1-1。
  The third war is crucial, historical data show that, in the finals, won the third war to become a championship team mostly。 Since mid 1999, the Spurs have won four times, but after the 2-0 defeat the Cavaliers, who have never played in the finals in San Antonio in 2007, and today the fans finally usher in their own home team again。
  James also came, but he did not account for much cheaper Heat。
Since the 2-3-2 Finals is the season for the Heat, but in a disadvantageous position。
To win, they at least want a win here, but in the history of Miami, where they are to record of 3 wins and 22 losses。   Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili made three have been together for 99 playoff victories, ranked second in NBA history, they are moving towards Yum!。
"After the defeat, tend to rebound," said Parker, when it comes to the last game, "Now it's our turn to deal with defeat, and to see how we bounce it。
"Spurs head start back home, the first section hit when nearly half, then Duncan Parker back pass, skip step after a one-handed dunk, leading the Spurs to 11-4。 Both sides are shrinking defense to the basket, the Heat captains feel flat, again and again shot, this section Bosh missed all four of the vote, only one basket succeeded。 Miller, after playing a record third hit, this section there are 4 minutes 10 seconds, after heat steals fast break, James layup, will lead into 12-15。 Heat was ahead after the first section to 20-24 behind。
  The Spurs broke out every game has a perimeter player, the game is Green, and today is Neil。
In his second 3 3-pointers, the Spurs once the gap opened。
In this section there are 3 minutes 37 seconds, then Neil Ginobili ball hit third, 43-32 lead Spurs to 11 points。
Again also to third Miller, James layup after the break, the Bosh free throws, the heat will lead into 39-43。
When there is this second section, heat 44-44 to tie, but Parker third lesson。
James, a vote most blocked shots, the Spurs seconds left, Duncan got the rebound, the ball immediately, Parker ball forward, the ball to Neil, after the latter had no time to adjust the ball, immediately shot, crashed hit pointer by the Cavaliers, the Spurs to 50-44 halftime。
  Spurs 15 first half three-pointers shot 7 Neil a person 6 from 4, scored 14 points。 Duncan had 10 points and seven rebounds, 6 points and 7 assists Parker。
Heat-7 4 pointers, Wade scored 12 points, 10 points Bosh, James 8 vote 2, 4 points。 Miller shot 3 3-pointers, scored 9 points。   Spurs more like a vibrant young team, even Duncan rejuvenate。 The third quarter and 8 minutes and 25 seconds, Duncan saved the ball to dial back, the people are falling in the audience, the Spurs grabbed the ball, fast break, resulting in Green Bosh hit two free throws after a foul, Spurs completed a 9-2 wave of attacks to 59-46 widen the gap。
After the Heat suspended by Miller with two three-pointers, but Green also hit a record third, in this section there are 5 minutes 07 seconds, fast-break after steals the Spurs, Ginobili old lady talking fat boy crazy , one-handed dunk, 66-52 leading the Spurs to 14 points, forcing the Heat called timeout and。
  Pause came back, Leonard also hit the third, the Spurs continue to expand the advantage。 James is not in the sudden strong shot, the Heat "Big Three" pre-holiday only 1 of 9 shots, the Spurs completed after wave of attacks 23-8 to 73-52 lead with 21 points。
In this section up to 9 minutes, in addition to the Miller hit two third, the Heat others only 2 points。
James first 13 shots in only 2, this section of the final 1 minute 36 seconds, he finally broke out, a man-made Heat scored nine points, to narrow the gap slightly。
Split dunk at the end of this section, the Spurs to 78-63 end of the first three quarters。   Neil completely broke, the fourth quarter played less than one minute, he was hit twice in third, the Heat called timeout does not work, Green hit third, they start this section with a wave of 13-0, in one fell swoop 91-63 ahead 28 points。   Heat again and again shot, coupled with frequent mistakes, and the Spurs Yuezhanyueyong, after Green hit his seventh three-pointers, the gap between the two sides reach 31 points。
This section there are 4 minutes and 25 seconds, Blair hit the vote, far ahead of the Spurs 105-71。
Early two teams removed the main, Tracy – Tracy McGrady also debut。
Tracy McGrady scored desire is not strong, shot only once, failed to hit the first points of the finals still failed to hand。   。