Things era chips to big mergers and acquisitions


  According to foreign media reports, recently there are rumors that the European chip maker Infineon and ARM has become a takeover target, which Intel intends to acquire Infineon, Apple may acquire ARM。 The two companies, Infineon has a wired, wireless terminal devices, automotive electronics, industrial control and smart card chip, the energy industry for many years and the accumulation of resources, ARM is the strongest competitor of Intel, which is different from the chip design, production and sales of integrated thinking to provide chip architecture business model to win market recognition。   It is understood, Infineon and STMicroelectronics are chip provider of Apple products, and Apple products are still in use ARM's chip designs。
Although a series of takeover rumors have not yet become a reality, but the embedded chip market to Intel and coveted onslaught, as well as Google, Apple eager for self-control chip, is likely to trigger a new round of reshuffle in the global chip sector, shuffle behind inevitably bring about a chain reaction of mergers and acquisitions。
  Chips integrate launching the war in fact, this is not groundless rumors, Intel has been trying to break through in the field of embedded chips, Infineon may be the appropriate choice, compared to Apple's iPhone has been adopted by the ARM architecture chips, just listing tablet PC iPad is the use of PASemi developed A4 chip, SoC's ARMCortex-A8 based on the same scheme。   After rumors appear, Infineon and ARM shares rose sharply, even the certainty of news that Apple's acquisition of ARM transaction price could reach $ 8 billion, but Apple's cash reserves of more than $ 40 billion, fully capable of acquisition of ARM。
Industry experts have different opinions on the deal。
However, thanks to a program on the ARM architecture license operators, Samsung, Qualcomm and other chip design manufacturers have introduced a chip based on ARM solution, Apple's acquisition may affect cooperation between it and the downstream。   ARM is more conducive to maintain the independence of their own development and growth, moreover, ARM current good momentum of development, flourishing, could choose to sell it is unknown at this moment。
In addition, the deal might need to go through the US antitrust review。   Intel and Apple are not only aiming chips, Google'll be tempted to impulse control chip desire。
Yesterday sources, Google recently acquired a company called Agnilux of chip, the company's founder and part of the team from Apple acquired in 2008 PASemi company, and this company's A4 chip has been used in Apple tablet iPad body, Google move much dug Apple corner of suspects。 Apple Google to accelerate the reshuffle chips MerckFinck German investment bank analyst Theo Kitts (TheoKitz) do not agree with Wendell Johnson views。
He said: Intel's acquisition of Infineon necessary, at least you can take advantage of in terms of market share。 Infineon's market performed well, and back to life from last year's financial crisis, has now been adapted to the trend of the development of energy efficiency and renewable industries。
  Although the news has not been confirmed by the two companies, but Apple's acquisition of ARM can make gains in two ways。 First, Apple will get more chip technology, have greater control over the development of mobile processors。
Second, Apple can prevent competitors using ARM technology, such as Android phones。 And in fact, Apple as early as the 1980s and 1990s, has been walking independently developed CPU line, using a partnership with IBM to develop the chip POWERPC, then gradually turned to Intel chips camp, but Steve Jobs dominant chip design ambition has not change, has been expected to make a comeback。   Apple and Google entering the chips may break the balance of power in the past, Apple, Google, Intel three parties gradually to each other's market penetration, Google Linux-based technology Andrews systems are irresistible force in the global market, positive conflict with iPhoneOS Apple's Intel also released a joint Nokia MEEGO operating system, the platform and tried to put MID, netbooks, notebooks, automotive and other mobile devices, but let Intel and unrest that Apple and Google are lining up on chips, after all, software application environment is inseparable from the support chip。
Age chess game chip things, various information sensing apparatus, such as apparatus, an infrared sensor, GPS systems, laser scanning devices and the Internet and the like which combine to form a large network, play a role in a number of areas, in mid-2015 there will be 15 billion embedded devices connected to the internet, and each device has intelligent functions, with chips and operating platform to achieve seamless communication and data exchange between other devices。
Compared, for decades dominated the PC, notebook market is gradually moving towards saturation, replaced by dazzling embedded devices。
  Intel apparently understand this truth, but its powerful general-purpose CPU power strategy has been completely NA, take the road SoC embedded market recognized the inevitable。
For example, in the recently held Intel IDF, Intel weight-loss strategy is very clear: there will be different for different markets of the SoC。
For example, for mobile phone and MID market Moorestown platform, CE4100 for TVs and set-top boxes and other consumer electronics market, TunnelCreek for car / IP Phone / gateway market, the future will develop SoC for other embedded market of。 The purpose of the launch is not suitable for application environments chip。
  It is foreseeable that in 2010 global chip sector will subversive incident, or is swept Walled merger integration between the giants, or as a new siege of intervenors, Intel, AMD, Infineon, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Freescale, Samsung, Toshiba, MediaTek, Qualcomm, the world's top-ranking semiconductor chip manufacturers, the face of consumer electronics devices continue to rise to changes in the environment, as well as the arrival of the Internet era of ubiquitous, an earthquake is bound to happen。
(Editor: Raymond)。