2017, Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture tourism contest awards ceremony held in Beijing


  2017 Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism contest is sponsored by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB), for travel agents initiated Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Dalian, Qingdao, Shenyang and other places in Tokyo tours contest。
The selection of activities were set up "best visitor Award", "Best Planning Award" and the "Special Award" three awards, aimed at promoting awareness throughout the travel agent for many years through its own visitor experience and Tokyo Metropolitan tourism, development tokyo, has a tourism product characteristics, in order to lead the participants to the tourism industry dig more unique tourism resources, tokyo。
  It is understood that participate in the selection "2017 Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau line promotional contest prize," the 46 travel agencies brought a total of 76 models featured in Tokyo tourism products。
After months of fierce competition, and ultimately, the "best visitor Award" (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shenyang Youth International Travel Service Group Co., Ltd. and transit benefits obtained by the Globe International Travel Service; "Best Planning Award" travel agencies are China travel Service Co., Ltd., China women travel Service and China travel Service Head Office (Dalian) Co., Ltd; and "special Award" by the final Caesar tourism Beijing Branch, Dalian overseas limited bridge international travel Service Co., Ltd. and the way Wyatt Shandong overseas international travel Service the company received。
  In addition to tourism, Tokyo race, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and Tobu Group, also held in mid-2017 for the Chinese market for the first time the "joint prize promotions" activities designed to force the Chinese market, up publicity efforts to increase exposure。   According to statistics, in 2017 travel agencies to participate in the annual contest Kanagawa Prefecture travel a total of 39, up to 70 entries balance。 Participating travel agents competing for the "Best visitor Award" (team travel, free exercise), "Best Planning Award" (team travel, free exercise, now the Staff Committee) and "depth tour Special Award" three awards。 After assessed, "Best visitor Award" (free exercise), "Best visitor Award" (swim team) travel agencies are Beijing Ctrip International Travel Service Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang International Tourism Group Co., Ltd. flying; access to "the most good planning Award "(swim team), 'best planning Award' (free exercise) and 'best planning Award (now the Staff Committee) travel agencies are China women's travel, the way cattle Tourism and Beijing Ctrip international travel Service Co., Ltd. ; and Kanagawa "depth tour special Award" by the Zhejiang Zhongqing international Tourism, Zhejiang way set Tuan Yi, Zhejiang international travel Service to win today。   After the ceremony, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau China (Beijing) on behalf of Mr. Sun Bo on Tokyo tourism industry to promote the project introduced。
Mr. Sun Bo said that 2018 will be held Tokyo itinerary design prize competitions, and organizing large-scale "Tokyo Tourism Seminar" and "2018 annual promotional briefing session" by Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qingdao and other places, together CAISSA hold "tokyo sightseeing and cultural experience in Japan Seminar" in Beijing Glory City "tokyo museum experience", fully demonstrated the charm of the city of tokyo。
  Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) is committed to introduce urban characteristics Tokyo Tokyo's historical and cultural tourism resources, industrial development and advanced science and technology by organizing various activities for domestic and foreign audiences, in order to attract more domestic and foreign tourists to Tokyo travel and organization of international conferences, in order to stimulate the vitality of Tokyo, promote Japanese culture。