Effective pregnant sex tips to make you pregnant with baby


Effective pregnancy sex life and work skills which are now great pressure, many couples have not appeared in the case of pregnancy。In fact, the proper use some tips when sex life can also make the chances of pregnancy becomes high。
The following night the network to bring an effective pregnant sex tips for everyone, so you are more likely to conceive a baby!Orgasm and fertility: birth of the child smarter orgasm orgasm is a sign of harmony between husband and wife sex life。
Foreign scholars have found that the better the sexual response in the female sex, the more the number of sperm in the cervix, the greater the chances of pregnancy。"Intrauterine pressure occurs orgasm, orgasm following a sharp decline in negative pressure, sperm swim easily inwardly palace chamber。
Meanwhile, since the sexual excitement, raised position of the uterus, cervix and the distance closer sperm cell, semen facilitate travel inwardly into。"Experts say there is a reason, normal vaginal pH of 4-5, is not conducive to sperm survival activities, and when it reaches sexual arousal, the vagina change the pH of the occurrence, with the secretion of 'Aiye' increased, pH value increased ease of sperm to the female body "surprise"。For normal fertile couples, there is no orgasm does not mean that can not be pregnant。As compared to male ejaculation and orgasm mark, the vast majority of women difficult to achieve orgasm every time sex。
There are many women in marriage a long period of time, or given birth to a child only after the gradual emergence of the feeling of orgasm。
In fact, the significance of orgasm is more reflected in the eugenics。
"When the woman gave birth to a child smarter orgasm。"Experts say the United States of scientists test concluded: whether related to the climax when the mother's pregnancy and the child's IQ。
It turned out that when women reach orgasm, the blood sugar can penetrate into the reproductive tract, the sperm enters the prolonged survival, exercise capacity。Meanwhile, the expansion causing congestion labia minora vagina becomes tight, deep vaginal folds extending widened, easy to store semen, also relaxed open cervix, sperm easier access。Sperm-egg binding as "mighty force in single", after fierce competition, tens of millions of sperm usually only with a strong and good genetic sperm can be successfully combined with egg。
The greater the number of sperm compete, the greater the opportunity to nurture the next generation of high IQ。
Therefore, the young couple should pay attention to the quality of life, to seize the opportunity to enter the female orgasm allowed to conceive。
Effective conception of sexuality and sexual reproductive techniques: pregnancy need sweetly experts pointed out that the smooth high or low sexual desire, even to the success or failure of eugenics。
The ancients believed that conception must be based on the premise passions run high。If a woman enters sexual excitement, because of other factors that interfere with the lust, passions or strong woman, but the man can not "reciprocate" or simply to "made man" and sexual intercourse, resulting in mental stress, which will affect the eugenics。Life, Yufu stupid women are also likely to give birth to the next generation of smart。The ancients this case appears to go beyond common sense explanation is because they "pay sparse and sex affection, and love Siqie to pay, so the yin and yang, and while more and fertility."。In other words, lust rising in order to form a "yin and yang" of conditions to give birth to healthy offspring。