What foods can prevent motion sickness sour foods anti-motion sickness


What foods can prevent?Motion sickness is a lot of people would have for problems encountered when the car made a special hate, then you know what foods you can prevent motion sickness?Following small to tell you what foods can prevent motion sickness。 What foods can prevent motion sickness 1, mustard mustard color, flavor and taste, and many people like to use mustard adorned, some people like to wear a two packets of mustard on the road。
As a mustard tasty appetizer, able to lift journey Laofa; secondly mustard can relieve dizziness, tightness and other symptoms of motion sickness when traveling, mustard and some even call it the "natural motion sickness rather"。
In the "Compendium of Materia Medica" described in: "warm mustard, it has the effect of Xuanfei phlegm, and diaphragm can ShunQi。
"That is the appetizer and mustard can relieve the symptoms of motion sickness。 Motion sickness mainly due to human ear vestibular dysfunction, and mustard can Jiuqiao Tom Lee, harmonious inner ear imbalance of state, from the source to prevent motion sickness。 In addition, mustard rich in vitamins B1, has the effect of soothing nerves。 2, an hour before the car orange peel, fresh orange peel surface outward, inward of the car, and then the two nostrils, squeezed with two fingers, tare will be sprayed with a mist of fragrance, this mist can suppress the symptoms of nausea and motion sickness。
3 What foods can prevent motion sickness, ginger fresh ginger packed in small plastic bags, travel time on the nose following news piece, so pungent flavor nasal inhalation。
Ginger can prevent motion sickness, because it can absorb stomach acid to prevent nausea。
4, vinegar in 5-10 minutes before the ride, drink a cup of warm water add a few drops of vinegar, so that way it will not motion sickness。