Excavator sales hit a new historical high: 10 million units acquitted of how the signal?


Excavator sales highs in May!  "From the current data, the number of sales this year may be a record excavator。In some places still waiting for cargo。"June 13, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Lu Ying said of the current excavator sales。  Excavator Branch of China Construction Machinery Association, the latest data show that in May 2018 the total domestic excavator sales level of 19,313 units, up 71.35%。1– total May sales reached 10.590,000 units, up 60.18%。Many forecasters believe, excavator sales this year may exceed the highest level in 2011 of 180,000。  It still can not conclude that the rapid economic growth in。Because this year from January to April of infrastructure investment growth rate is only 12.4%, last year only 23.About half the level of 3%。Given the current individual numbers appear normal, as excavators economic leading indicators can refer to, it may indicate that the first half of economic growth remains high, at 6.8% is still great possibilities。  Not short off data show, excavator sales figures in the rapid growth this year。January-February sales 2.180,000 units, up 14.3%, 3 – May 3 scale sales.930 000 2.660 000, 1.930,000 units (with rounding), respectively, year on year growth of 78.9%, 84%, 71.350,000 units。  January-May total excavator sales exceeded 10 million units。This may make a new high excavator sales volume throughout the year。  Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Lu Ying pointed out that the number of excavators volatile, but there are still rules, such as March and April the highest, followed by the seven year, August is the low season, to the end of the year and greatly increased。  From the current situation, excavator sales this year could reach the highest number of experience and more than 18 million units in 2011 level。  This situation is not the same as in 2011。In 2011 the country introduced a 4 trillion stimulus measures。Then buy excavators and more, is a good reflection of market expectations。Many drivers are a loan to buy, and then buy excavators advance is very low, or even zero payments can take away。  This year's situation is that a high proportion of down payment excavator, some reaching four or five percent。Meanwhile, many excavator sales faster, not necessarily a big market demand, but the demand for change machine。For example, in 2011 he purchased a number of machines that now come to be out of time to re-change machine。  "In addition China's current total investment is far greater than in 2011, the overall investment growth is not high, but still great demand for quantity excavator。"Said Lu Ying。  National Bureau of Statistics figures show that in 2011 the town was about 30 trillion yuan, but by mid-2017 has reached about 63 trillion。  However, very interestingly, excavator sales increased rapidly, the actual investment in China slowed, investment in infrastructure, too, at the same time around the lack of investment funds。  2018 January – April, the national investment in fixed assets (excluding farmers) 15.4358 trillion yuan, an increase of 7%, down from last year's 8.9% growth。Of which infrastructure investment growth rate of only 12.4%, about half of last year。Around the same time we have a meeting, talking about the short board to solve the problem of investment funds。  For example, May 29, Heilongjiang Province, to expand the effective investment of government debt risk prevention and control television conference call, Heilongjiang Vice Governor Li Haitao pointed out that to speed up investment and construction projects, and effectively prevent and control the risk of government debt, in order to facilitate effective transfer and adjustment of investment structure to achieve the province's steady economic growth and quality development。  Sun Jie, researcher at the Institute of Fiscal Science, told the Business Herald reporter in the 21st century, the primary task of the government this year is to prevent risk, for which the local government can not arbitrarily increase the indiscriminate use of bank funds to invest in debt, or to be in the range permitted by the state to use securities investment, which is why the investment was downward pressure around。  "Excavator index" concern the National Bureau of Statistics figures released before June 14 in May, is expected to be announced in the first half of July figures。  Although excavator sales rapidly, but it did not specify in accelerating economic growth, the overall economy is still showing steady opposite situation。  Bank Center for Financial Research chief macroeconomic Tang Jianwei pointed out that the first half of this year's economic growth is expected to be 6.8% annual 6.About 7%。  It should be noted that the national emphasis on the prevention of financial risks, it is not possible investment growth is too high。Also PPP (government cooperation and social capital) in the case of a serious investigation of violations, as well as the situation in the country to relax tightening financing, infrastructure investment is difficult to increase Click to see。  It is noted that the current contribution rate of investment in the economy is relatively low, only about 3 percent, the economy is mainly driven by consumption, there are about 70%。  "So despite the slowdown in investment growth, real economic growth rate will be stable。"Tang Jianwei also believes that investment demand excavators reflects to some extent, but limited contribution to economic investment itself。At present, many areas is played down the figures, more the pursuit of quality growth。  Premier Li Keqiang June 12 in Changsha, Hunan Sany Group study。The Industrial Group to create the Internet big data platform, access to 380,000 industrial equipment, covers 5000 kinds of machine parameters, it has accumulated more than 100 billion data as part of "excavator Index", provides important support for the analysis of macroeconomic situation。  21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that, in fact, reflect macroeconomic excavator sales is not the most useful, but the physical volume。  Lu Ying pointed out that the excavator at a certain time into how much work, how much physical quantity produced, which can reflect the economic situation very fine。"Despite the excavator can not serve as economic indicators, but sometimes can be as an economic reference, confirmed to play the role of early warning。"At present, the parties are forecasts that good overall Chinese economy this year。According to forecasts China Economist June 12 to do judgment 2018 economic growth reached or more than 6.5% of economists accounted for more than 80% of the eastern, central and western regions of China's economists on the 2018 annual economic growth rate to predict the average was 6.6% 6.7% and 6.5%, the national comprehensive predictive value of 6.6% of the annual 6.About 5% of the index。  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Li Gang industry believes that some areas of eastern China's economy is slowing, but many still huge potential for development in central and western regions, such as labor costs are not high, the price is not high, a large potential for the development of the manufacturing sector, the eastern part of the industry can be transferred landed in the Midwest, which can ensure China's economy maintained steady growth for a long time。