More and more people come to China to study in China has become Asia's largest study destination


Mapping: Wang Meng March 28, 2017, Thai students Ka Nate (Right) is controlled microfluidic chip in biological research professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University Wei Xueyong (left) and guide students。 Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Yi and Bo She December 29, 2017, Jiangsu University students from Russia, South Korea, Zambia and other countries came to Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China Vanke community Qilidian street drama club, to experience opera, Shaoxing opera and other local opera drama under the guidance of the fancier singing and acting skills, experience the charm of Chinese opera。 Shi Yucheng photo (people's vision) May 10, 2017, in Shanghai foreign students' employment job fair, Iranian students East China University of Mahdi (right) exchanges and business representatives。 Du Xiaoyi photo (Xinhua News Agency issued) June 22, 2017, at the 2017 Graduation Ceremony Wuhan University degree in the ceremony, students from Kazakhstan Chen Lin (left) with classmates cheer。 Kehao (Xinhua News Agency issued) with the desire and pursuit of the Chinese culture of professional learning, language Yuan Tan Malaysian Chinese guy came to China after graduating from high school reading。 After reading the four-year undergraduate in Taiwan Shih Hsin University, he went to Beijing Normal University to pursue diversification。
Now he has Dr third grade, this is his tenth year in China。 Education Department data show that in 2016, foreign students up to million, up percent from 2015, eight times as much as the beginning of the century。
In recent years, the international influence of Chinese education is strengthening, China has become Asia's largest study destination。
During the nineteen great Chinese Communist Party, Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said that by 2049, China will firmly stand in the center of education in the world of education, China will become a study destination in the world on one of the most desirable。 Students learn how living conditions in China?China which provides security for foreign students?How China building "the most desirable study destination in the world"?This reporter interviewed the students in China and the Ministry of Education responsible person。 Wonderful life to Huakai Qi "Why come to study in China?"Different people have different answers。 Tan Yuan on language, the most important reason is to solve the "who am I" question – for his school of psychology, this is a simple yet profound mandatory questions。
"Just listen to the older home that my family is from Guangdong Luoding, I do not know all the rest。 "Said Yuan Tan words, until the day when China and with the door to discuss academic issues, Young an 'ideological brothers in full of humane care Chinese culture, Chinese people have kernel' Let him find the answer。 "In China, I not only gain knowledge, but also felt the cultural identity。
"Tanyuyuanyue。 For Turkish boy Bai Zhenguo, due to study in China more attractive to Chinese culture。
"The world is very large, you have to get out of Turkey, we look at the world with a different perspective。
"- encouraged by his father, Bai Zhenguo graduating from high school came to China to open a new chapter in life School of Journalism at Northwestern University。 Bai Zhenguo said that his dream is to learn Mark·Polo, doing a cultural exchange envoy。
Russian students 埃列奥诺拉·South saw the cover increasingly frequent exchanges between China and Russia。
She believes that "along the way" initiative prospects of the Eurasian Economic Union docking with the Russian initiative vast, therefore looking forward to the future cooperation between the two countries。 Today, she studied at the Renmin University of China。 It is worth mentioning that the graduates to study in China also emerged in many national leaders。 Ethiopian President Mulatu·Teshome, Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov, etc. had studied in China。 – as they do in China by a dream of more and more foreign students。 With China's comprehensive national strength and constantly improve the rapid development of China's higher education, more and more people are more willing to understand China, Chinese feelings。 Chinese Foreign Bureau of Foreign Communication Research Center recently released "China's national image Global Survey 2016–2017 year" shows that 21% of overseas younger age groups (18-35 years old) of Chinese education topics of interest, 36% of young people in the foreign there are future plans in China three years。 "To study, to go to China!"The world is becoming more and more international students choice。 In China, they will not only gain a wealth of knowledge, experience will be a wonderful life。
Study to optimize the structure in recent years, education and cooperative relations between China and different countries (regions) and international organizations continue to consolidate, implement and build "all the way along the" Education Initiative, China's international influence and increasingly competitive education。 At present, China has become Asia's largest study destination。 China to study not only the rapid expansion of the scale, all aspects of hierarchy, structure, category, etc. are constantly optimized to render a new development trend。
Recently released "Chinese students Development Report (2017)" shows that the 2016-2017 school year, "along the way" to become the countries to study in China growth。 Among them, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Laos average of foreign students increased by more than 20%。 The report analyzes that China has made in supporting policy and foreign students to study in China scholarships and other major breakthrough, a series of favorable policies, such as promoting build "all the way along the" Education Initiative, a coalition universities "along the way" to enter into bilateral mutual recognition agreement with the degree, the establishment of "Silk Road" Chinese government scholarships。 In addition, foreign students learning Chinese in order to break the pattern-based, more rational distribution of subjects, medicine, engineering, economics and management disciplines popularity to become the largest number of student discipline; in 2016, foreign students receiving academic education of nearly 21 million, an increase of more than 2015 million people every year。 World-class Research Center, University of Shanghai Jiaotong University Executive Director Rencheng Ying analysis, in recent years, foreign students more diverse sources, expanded from last countries in Asia to the world, the proportion of the increase in American and European countries; professional choice to study in China more diverse, from past Chinese, traditional Chinese medicine and other disciplines of Chinese high correlation extends to many disciplines science, agriculture, industry and so on; China to study the structure more reasonable, non-degree students accounted for in the past in China to learn the language of short-term bias high, and the proportion of degree students now study for a degree in China increased significantly。
Department of International Cooperation and Exchange Department official says, the scale of sustained growth, optimize the structure, marking China significantly improve the attractiveness of the study, which is both comprehensive strength of China's economic development and continuous improvement necessary outcome, but also to China has been actively studying the cause of significant achievements steadily。
School employment more secure than a year ago, a "student job record in China" cause for concern。 The article describes the tortuous and difficult job of foreign students in China。 2016, the first in China to study recruitment will collect data show that international students to participate in job fairs, hoping to stay in China the proportion of working up to 95%。 Today, the students how the employment situation in China?January 5, Nankai University students Andrea attended a special job fair – Nankai 2018 session of the students special recruitment。
This job fair, Chinese enterprises to provide the market development for the international students, legal contracts, personnel administration, project management and other positions。 Andre from Kazakhstan believes that China has many good business, great room for development, so that he learned a lot in this interview。
Thanks to policy support provided by China for foreign students employment and entrepreneurship in China。
In early 2017, in conjunction with Human Resources and Social Security Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education issued "on the outstanding foreign allow college graduates employment-related matters in China" to relax the conditions for foreign employment of college graduates in China, partly in line with the conditions of outstanding foreign college graduates do not need work experience to work in China。
In addition to safeguard employment and entrepreneurship students, Chinese students in China pay more attention to the daily management。
Since July last year, implementation of the "school recruit and train international students management approach" to a more scientific norms to study in China in terms of enrollment management, teaching, school management, scholarships, social management, supervision and management, is the highest-level study in China rules and regulations; in order to build a sound management and teachers, the Ministry of Education has organized 17 study management cadre training in China, more than 2400 students benefit from management cadres; the central government continued to increase investment in the Chinese government scholarships, there are nearly 2016 name Chinese government scholarship students to study in China。 "In recent years, China has basically established a policy system-wide chain in China to study enrollment management teaching, scholarship, medical insurance, emergency response management system。
"The Ministry of Education International Cooperation and Exchanges, officials said。 China long way to go to achieve the goal can become a study destination in the world on one of the most desirable?China will become the world's education education center?Scholars believe that the rapid increase in the past five years, the rapid growth of foreign students and Chinese university rankings, the answer seems to be yes。
At the same time we must see the gap between education and the education of Chinese developed countries clearly that to achieve this goal, long way to go。
Through a set of data can see this gap in 2016 foreign students, receiving academic education accounted%, master's and doctoral students account for only%。
Corresponding is the number of students going abroad in 2016 China million, which accounted for more than Qicheng graduate degree or above, diversified%。 Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges relevant person in charge admitted that the current study in China there is still a "large-scale development and quality development is not balanced, uneven levels of development between schools, uneven regional development model between" short board, and compared to those of developed countries, China to study education faces many challenges in the international higher education market。 "There is a certain gap between the quality of the course, service and management needs to be further improved。
And we are doing is to strive to achieve a balanced development, adhere to the scale and quality of both, pay more attention to quality, pushing China to study the connotation of development。
"The official said the next step, China will encourage more outstanding students to study in China to promote Sino-foreign cultural exchanges to study in China to drive onto the fast lane; strengthened standards system and quality construction guarantee mechanism China to study education and management, encouraging first industry trade associations tripartite organizations to develop accreditation standards; integration of international exchanges and cooperation in running schools, base construction, promotion of Chinese language and other forms of cooperation, to increase publicity to study in China, while the "study in China", "experience China" and other cultural experience, enhanced Chinese overseas students to integrate into the society of a sense of。
"People's Daily Overseas Edition" (11th edition January 11, 2018)。