Guangzhou: homes can apply for residence registration service


  Homes can apply for residence registration service (Reporter Ye Zhong) recently authorized by the Guangzhou City, Guangzhou for staff development Services Authority "basing on" micro-channel use booking service formally launched。
Basing their staff through the "Guangzhou for the Guangzhou Bureau of" micro-channel public number to log "basing on" section, online appointment for residence registration and residence permits and other related businesses。   "Basing on" residence registration services include appointment "window for an appointment," and "make an appointment to review the" two channels。 If you select the "booking on-site audits" can be achieved without leaving home residence registration service。
Simply fill in basic information, accurate residential address and contact information, on-site rental manager will conduct field audits at time of booking and found them on the spot to complete the residence registration of business process。
  Guangzhou Guangzhou for personnel services authority officials said, in the "basing on" make an appointment for service, you can use the time ahead of their own personal bits and pieces to fill most of the residence registration information online, the information furnished in full when booking more detailed audit accepted when the more accurate and efficient。
Probability "should try to fill the reservation service detail information before heading to the window handle, when the site administrator audit information, processing times will be shortened, but also effectively reduce entry errors and omissions。 "。