Gain an advantage?A bargain-hunting foreign investors quietly shares


Night network, network nightlife Wall Street FRANCISCO 27 morning news, although China's central bank [microblogging] has also announced initiatives to cut interest rates and RRR, A shares reacted coolly on Wednesday fell to the lowest 2850.71 points, the high point down nearly 30% from August 18。But HKEx data show that foreign investors have quietly bargain-hunting ahead。  Data show that foreign investors on Monday completed a 103 by Hong Kong and Shanghai through mechanisms.4.8 billion transaction, using a 64% share of Shanghai through quotas。They mainly buy stocks, including China Ping An [microblogging], Minsheng Bank, Shanghai airport, Moutai and Erie shares。  Shanghai shares Tuesday and Wednesday through continued massive capital inflows, buy turnover respectively 101.56 and 102.4.1 billion yuan。  Foreign investors move to follow suit seems to have caused the Chinese domestic investment, such as China Ping An rose Wednesday after the Thursday morning continue to rise about 4%。  In fact, Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs) also believes that China's stock market is very cheap, with the Chinese government to increase efforts to stimulate the end of the Chinese stock market could rise by 36% from the current position。Goldman said most of the bad economic data, which has been reflected in the market price, while the overall investor pessimism about China's stock market has been divorced from reality。  25 People's Bank of China [microblogging] implementation of the "double down", announced that from August 26, 2015 cut financial institutions RMB benchmark deposit and lending interest rate 0.25 percentage points; from September 6, directed the implementation of RRR 0.5 points。The central bank said the main purpose of the second year implementation of the "double down" is to continue to play a good role in guiding the benchmark interest rate, reducing the social cost of financing to promote and support the sustainable and healthy development of the real economy。  A shares finished lower Thursday morning, as of GMT 11:20, the Shanghai Composite rose 0.82% reported 2978 points。(Tony compilation)