Half Moon piano, strings Star rain


Ten million hate, Henji in the horizon, many things, everlasting。  The Spirit laundry water Sorrowful, fragrant smell hate Qingmeizhujiu。    Baqiao frost on willow wind, Han Xing Xia Nanshan dyed flowers。  By a pulse prime months are flourishing Yifei Moon Palace, moon heavy tears several times, Yushu Wu Ge three thousand silk, purple red makeup stitch knitted brows, Xiao Sheng Jian Yin break Qin War……  Twist, leaf flower Yan, smiling Qing silk pull hair, when the window manager its shallow, yellow stickers on the mirror, the more wandering heart Qianshan month……  Lan, a trough autumn shadow, whose son had bluestone torrent, flower shop with wave thousands of miles, Butterfly fleeting Gu Ying, dyed blood red setting sun……  Before the next windowsill, Harue spend full circle deserted lonely, sleepless nights, the wind, Lang pavilions draw away Xianglian。A small park in Hong diameter hovering shadow, light frown shallow steps, Tan eye star marks tears。Flutter fireflies, by moths, sandalwood lamp in the hall painting。Man in the Mirror, wick flower, jade hairpin crested hanging。Moon-story, lean on a railing alone read Liu Yong, sails had to do, Morrow is that people go south。  One thousand fingertips solution Beihen, Fuqin 100 back from the War。  Midnight cold, stringed been slow, soft breeze drunk。Moderate Sleepless courtyard, sword dance clear resentment, tears through Pathetic。Tingqian next month, toast Gu Yue Tan, Liu wind epilepsy, magnolia Piaoyuan。Hand books monopolize view, autumn and spring was two years long hard parting hate finish。Also dream sleep, then want beauty edge, tears language dark!    Half Moon piano, strings Star rain。  Dutch months, clear water。Folding jiggle, West bridge with white crosses, Zhichuang through sunset, who in Maple?Acacia even dye diffuse horizon。Far shake water off a boat, sail wind cold smoke drunk。Partridge clear resentment and over again, two or three lines of tears feel blue。Bridge long flute whimper, boat strings and Yao。Wu Liu Zhongqing water ashore, but look crescent, the most poor man。Acacia sent only by month。  Maple, stained cream。Water duckweed, Yan Liu drunk, full of tears butterfly Red House。A memo ink, mark off the dry, red petals love, resentment bamboo。Yudabajiao is when a heavy heart, and with whom to blame the language say?No account can be removed!Mandarin duck carved, handkerchief embroidered phoenix on Yupingfeng。Pingchuang Vision distance, Goose before, v. Zhongchang difficult!Want to Peacock Flying Southeast, five miles a wandering alone down was moved to tears。  March snow, wind trouble。A Kam book, plum and open several times, and removed the seal, sealed and demolished。Su-hand brush, let me see the winter snows Look flowers, life just for you。Broken Bridge snow crimson flowers, light red as your face, Hanyue snow water。Fingertips melting point, residual Willow Wind, sake and drink, trying to turn their minds to pay Wan word, Regret dream come true!  May Yan, Liu cut。Tsing Yi gown line wind, Butterflies open, and again, I hope Mo re-encounter。Tianjin port and the line to stop, Huanhua leaves, flowery sweet laughing。Past Could friend?Life adjourned heavy edge。Fensai cloud burning, rolled out the red horizon, Flying butterfly around West west。Sitting in a clear pool, a twist Ye Qing, a reincarnation of Yan another title Chunliu。Mid-leaning hope go well together, your eyes see Gu, Acacia rain。  When Yuan night, the most memorable, though lights as day, but difficult Huan!Look for you a thousand Baidu, suddenly look back, you are not the lights dim。