Lover's Discourse


Between lovers, the performance of utterance meaning almost perfected。All satisfied expression, sometimes forgetful snow, like the wilderness, but also brought back memories of unexpected and fragile and noisy, mixed with rain and desires。I think carefully, saddened laugh。This Life Tastes, joys and sorrows of love and hate, but clearly meaningful mysterious, all of a sudden they pertain to life, time and eternity, lifetime shall be relieved。Some people say: Life is like rowing, we strive to fight, but kept the water waves rushed back, back to the past。And my only right is a confirmation of my life, the eternal cycle of chaos, by waiting to make their presence。    I began to feel, somewhere in my heart, it is weathering a layer of armor。I quickly immersed in the heart of every season, almost unconsciously, start looking for lost years。During that whole time, my freedom, integrity, and kindness。I do not want to deny anything, do not want to prove anything, just to wipe out the memory of thick dust, pondering at this time of fragile。    I have been looking for her in those days, as scared for life, which is tied to the future of gossamer, but how to make her feel?I can not tell her, please wait for me, because I'm alive。Reason to live, not love。I do not even doubt the future of the day, I will meet her again。If you can meet a stranger again and again, why would not see her?Therefore, each time into the crowd, are, with severe heart and ecstasy。Perhaps, in a most casual moments, I looked up and found her……But see I'm still alive, she would be surprised it?I think not。You will find that she will wilt a flower petals and feel dejected, but not for the green on a prairie life and overjoyed。    In the world of love on the white neck, playing a bloody knot, let the pain of love are forgiven in advance; she could not meet those times before, I confirm my presence and love。Otherwise, they will not give up so easily and self-parody。    You may find that every throb of my life, everything I loved, are a reflection of the name, the creation of the world and my conscience。Genesis as unreasonable as it is impressive, gather at the water, the air residence, calm the restlessness, the life-death。    But you'll most beautiful of my life met simply and coldly attributed to fate, or even due to a coincidence, the interpretation of the beginning and end of love and ignore the arduous journey of looking and waiting, so before love, eternal It will be plunged into nothingness disgusting and uncertainty, after the same way。    Creator granted to the end of life to death, but very hesitantly, and only then begin to eternal love。I do not believe that the rules of creation, and will not accept it in good faith ridicule, even though I hide it to look like a real love, but still have a vivid symbol of touch and may appear in my line of sight, as supreme who promises, like the rainbow appears in the rain。    Not how long I will leave this world having left me Juan Juan。I've been longing from a flower-filled tall trees came down into the valley echo, perhaps, be able to save a litter of daffodils or a passing butterfly; or a simple farewell, to lay down It is definitely persecution, leaving only one to say goodbye in their own hands behind……    Why people into a ray of echo Qijue Aiyan?In the silence of the mountains, daffodils off the sound, has haunted。If she cried, I responded with tears; I love you, should be an echo。