Russian team wins desire: to dangle before Egypt is to create a miracle


"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: The Russian team look forward to winning streak Egypt needs to create a miracle) Beijing tomorrow 2:00, temporarily in Group A first team of Russia in St. Petersburg, are expecting their second group stage opponents – Egyptian team challenge。5 has been holding a ball victory over hosts obviously hoping to get a victory, the upper hand in the group stages of the battle, the team is expected to get the first time since 1994 the group stage。Egypt Salah core team playing once again become the focus of media attention, his absence let the team hard to find a good opportunity to attack in the match against Uruguay, and now life and death battle broke out, Salah is likely to decide whether to play the game trend。Nevertheless, the Russian coach 切尔切索夫 with confidence that the team has found a way to limit the core of Egypt。 Host coach more attention to winning the World Cup second round group match broke out, the host team will come to the Russian city of St. Petersburg, we had a ball against the Egyptian team lost to Uruguay。Pre-match press conference last night, coach 切尔切索夫 said the team has found a way to cope with and limit Salah, once he debut, the Russian team will take the appropriate countermeasures。After 切尔切索夫 in command of the team's pre-match training, came to the scene of the press conference, he bluntly said: "I know the topic you care about is how we defend Salah, I want to tell you that team up and down he knows how to limit it can be said that we do everything to stop him ready to move forward。"When asked if he would like to see Salah appearances, the 55-year-old coach said, in fact, not too concerned about his appearance or not, they are more willing to see the team win。 Russian team looking forward to the first line with the first victory as a basis, the Russian team is now looking forward to qualify them "Russian era" in the first group stage。History of the World Cup approached the Soviet team had been one of the teams, the team has also emerged, such as Yassin enough to load the annals of FIFA's name。Compared to their predecessors, the Russian team in the World Cup can be used only mediocre to summarize, after all, in the previous three World Cup experience, the team never to win the group before, and now they get a victory at home can look forward to the door to make a difference。Yahoo! Sports analysts said that now the Russian team in the best period to make history, they can be sustained once the outstanding performance of the first game, the team is expected since 1994 on behalf of the Russian team in the World Cup, first knockout。Players and coaches have a strong belief that hope local operations team can continue to triumph。The survey data showed that the current Russian people want to continue to focus on the performance of the proportion of the number of national team rose from the previous 52% to 64%。 Salah Egyptian team has no need to create a miracle compared to five goals in the hands of the host, after a lapse of 28 years to return to the World Cup team in Egypt is clearly greater pressure。Although many media and experts predict, Last Stand of the Egyptian team will certainly come in their absolute core Salah, but in view of the circumstances of the first game, in the end the core of the Egyptian team debut game can really do is still unknown。But ESPN has written that, there is no way out of the Egyptian team had the opportunity to gamble in order to secure miracles。 ESPN to "whether Salah Egypt needs a miracle" in the title points out, in the first game after losing to Uruguay, the Egyptian team is now in a very dangerous edge, if some mishap once in the second game, team It is likely to qualify ahead of a shattered dream。The team demonstrated strong defense and Uruguay in the game, but they do lack Salah's lackluster offense。Since Salah can not play finalized, the Egyptian team needs to find another point of attack as soon as possible。As the focus of the game, Salah recovery in the end how the state has become the focus of the outside world。According to media reports of the screen, Egypt 10 full participation in team training in the past few days, has just been finished 26th birthday of Salah own training ground in a good mood, and his teammates talking and laughing, he seems to have shaken a shoulder injury plagued。Once a recovered Salah appear in court, then he can about the game that is still a key figure in the process。