Logistics life


The countryside on the third day, I was assigned to a health group.Get up at six o’clock in the morning, we began to sweep the floor, empty the garbage, Mangosteen boil water, wash dishes, do the most mundane tasks.Most everyday work is the biggest test of one’s patience, if not for living in a collective, I may not be able to endure patiently do these trivial things.Because I do not like doing housework, at home, my mother is taking care of these chores.I finished out these activities, but also to engage in toilet.This primary school toilets very humble, also many mosquitoes.Here, we have a group of people did not want to see this toilet toilet, and today I learned that I need to go in another small partner to engage in health when I was a blank mind, helpless, black eyes, ears roar.My heart was rejected, but I had no alternative but to engage in toilet hygiene, because this is my job.When I overcame the kind of disgust, refused psychological, finished out out out health after a breath of fresh air, I felt my world suddenly see the light.I feel in this world, since there is no I can not do live, the future no matter what kind of work do I fear the. Particularly rural mosquito, is particularly fierce, although I again and again to drive the wind out of oil over bare skin, but mosquito seems to have evolved into a \ “vulnerable to the attack \” stage, my hands and feet still can not avoid being bitten their doom on the skin are played one after another package, I really do nothing for them, the helpless.Trees also often have ants fall, crawling around on me, every time I bite, I would have tickled tired and upset, I wanted to go home immediately, the moment really do not want to stay here.If not so many mosquitoes, or rather beautiful good country life. Tonight, cooking team logistics group do not have to cook, because the president tonight invited chefs to give us snacks.Tonight a table of poultry meat, is very rich, we eat good meet.Since the countryside, we have always been the logistics group cook it yourself, or someone else to cook for us to eat the first time tonight, I finally realized that it was kind of happy to cook for us to eat.After dinner a short break, we started to clean up the WHO scraps.Ye Taihei, and there are many enthusiastic junior partner to help open the phone torch lighting, there are many small partners to help wash the dishes, all very friendly solidarity, understanding this group of peers I feel very lucky.The sky from time to time we can have some light rain, we rush to improve health, work day finally ended.