A plate of tofu as saying North China


Chinese tofu in Asian countries.Very popular on the table my family, from time to time there are fresh produce dishes with tofu.Cattle Wazi home village of the valley of soybeans harvested soon.Bean particles full, bright beautiful Huang Huangliang.Soybeans can be made soy sauce, miso, bean sprouts, tofu.He said the best is still to eat fermented bean curd made into bean curd, or tofu.  Tofu beans, is the Chinese people squeeze soybean oil beans, also known as soy, beans because leather color is yellow, so called soy.  I was in the former North China’s soybeans, the wandering, the pace is relaxed pace after the storm.Blue romantic than in China’s Hainan Island beach.  Summer Black Land Heilongjiang Province of China, is the time to nurture life, land deep black, deep blue sky is blue, and green are common on arable land, pale and tender green, yellow green growth, a strong deep green.In short, the world is in the green.  Green world of arable land in the breeze, rippling green waves, green waves, sea waves are not.In the green waves, there is the beautiful colors of the flowers.Green above his head big tall sunflowers, green is open in the activities of the people of the world, the majority of big yellow flowers.  Soybeans Sicko, a ridge ridge of the green, green world considered low.Soybeans Sicko, opened in the tiny colored flowers, sterile, they begin to grow green beans clip.  Maidou Fu Fu Weihan, dirt road in the village Son, heard the sound of shouting: large tofu, tofu, tofu ah.In the villages of north China’s Heilongjiang province, each sub-villages, there is such a selling: tofu.  North China’s Heilongjiang Province, and the Russian State is a province of China landscape of interconnected land.The real water in the eastern Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang river in Russia and across countries separated by the river, where the river is half Russian and Chinese border river of Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Russia, half of China’s Heilongjiang Province.Expect to see the Russian state, it is by boat in the past, Heilongjiang shore of the Russians is the Russian.In the deep cold of winter, Heilongjiang water, when frozen solid and firm, from the ice, walking past.So in the past danger, danger is falling into the water under the ice, comes to an end.I am not a bandit, generally do not go this way, to pass the border, it wants.  Black fertile farmland on the east side of the river in Heilongjiang, green soybeans soy yo China, Heilongjiang province of Heilongjiang, have black soil.Because delicious tofu, soy so small particles, also known as the Soybean.  Maidou Fu Fu Weihan, sub-villages are still dirt road shouting: tofu.  Fu Weihan this board tofu, also called tofu.Today there is no dry bean curd, sold out early at home.Sell bean curd cries of selling, selling dried tofu skin of the child, a direct shout: dried tofu.Get away.If you shouted to sell bean curd, tofu is usually sold, also known as bean curd; or too dry bean curd sold with child selling.Fuwei Han of tofu, out of own yard Siemens, on a rural road, and thirty meters, there are two people to buy a pound plus a couple of pounds of tofu, tofu sold three pounds, a pound is a village rural dirt road south of Zhang sister’s house to buy, pounds of dirt road north of the scales with his brother Liu.Approaching hot summer season positively, eat tofu is tofu every day to buy food, the weather in the summer heat, eat tofu and tofu groom who knows this time is not good tofu custody, easily broken, so there is no after selling tofu, eat tofu, usually after a positive summer weather as well as the.  Fuwei Han made of tofu delicious authentic.Fresh tofu point, white gas, Attractive.Soft white tofu, appears to have a consciousness of white cream, milk is also said to be tender.While watching the tender fresh milk, you can buy a home, a small mouth of the sucking child to eat more than half full, and it is possible into a small tranches of tofu, potatoes or stewed cabbage, vegetables and the like, or simply do eat spicy tofu are possible.Stewed food, more time for a while, also Dongkuaizi can grip, move into the bowl, and slowly eat the.There is that firm tofu delicious, then eat dried tofu Well.Draft tofu, food is tender Qi Jin Well, that is up to the child can endorse tender tofu skin, smell eat them.  You eat it: corruption, corruption, corruption Qijin can; bring your family have the following meat, meat tenderizer Well of course, brought or tofu, natural delicious, you can rest assured that eat them; sell the tofu, corruption is not selling well, buy back, just eat them.When there is thought to try to buy, and how much a pound of tofu have, next to the tofu dry tofu sold Fuwei Han passing, a few words on the end that the person would like to eat do not buy, and that a people, they want to eat dried tofu joke, selling dried tofu that my son really thin tofu skin, thin face of the person you optimistic about the clean face of the person you are optimistic, eat trading well, tofu account to be bad, beans and money ready.He said, shamelessly, to buy what is essentially what what not to buy, the shops are saying.That there is reason to commemorate account na.Donkey eating my grass, I caught three pull grinding God, then I put the donkey let people pull back.Well you Offer.  Fuwei Han tofu making delicious, delicious but also bright open voice shouting to sell.  I was in front of their son to soybeans, and turn to look at the child soybeans.Ken distant tributary of the river through the three sub Oolong ditch water flow in the forest wicker child, the flow direction of the water ditch sub splinters are willing to pass the river, through the direction of Ken river is beautiful Songhua River, the Songhua River has strait Harbin section of the river is, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, is the provincial capital.  Fuwei Han know in the provincial capital Harbin.Those years, Fu Weihan home to eat soy sauce, there is a soy sauce factory in Harbin products, home edible salt, Salt Authority are Harbin producer.There are families who pay child name, you work in Harbin, the provincial capital, is heard in Harbin Bearing Factory.  Fuwei Han is thinking of several people, favorable conditions of life provided by the state, also in accordance with the number of acres of farming country, the return of the yuan, grain harvest, the country basically in accordance with the prices, the recovery is gone, after the harvest was small there when cool, the mood ShuangQi.Species over arable land, basically there is no wisdom for things to do, so, six years ago will learn the Tofu.Tofu delicious, a few make money, his son to school in the county, is a high school student.Fuwei Han thought, good children to school, selling bean curd money and money farming, can help children to go to college when used with; Fu Weihan, no matter when, but also look at China’s national news, and the central China News Network, comrades China’s President Hu Jintao, has long been known that the CPC central Committee General Secretary well, that farmers can not know, foreign president, he also recognized several na.  Fuwei Han, thought their own children at home, admitted to Harbin Institute of Technology, to achieve generation of farmers turning into industrial team.Said my tofu delicious, finished work of the city, finished on the beautiful, beautiful, Chula is tofu beauties, like good-looking, handsome; and the facial cream used together, the more little face clean , juicy, soft white, aroma, lively, and interesting.  Small daughter on a rural road, will be happy to buy his production of tofu eating, but also to ask how to eat good food, you can eat and sister-in-law’s house, like Han and Uygur, small and clean, bright, beautiful; Fuwei Han said, my family your sister-in-law, and every day I had a bean bag, bean curd lane in the hot, hot edification; it looked as pretty soft whirring thing.Fuwei Han’s wife tofu, tofu beauties come out originally Well; beauties you do not know, “For the West than the West, total cash Yihe affordable” homes daughter Hangzhou West Road to the West’s family thing.Hangzhou is the provincial capital of Zhejiang Province Well.”Journey to the West” has a story to Buddhist sutras, said after the beauty of the house; the former French president, is the French president, Jacques Chirac called, I heard that also named the West, because of the West of France in the country, but also president, wants the state of West Nishio something beautiful female West, later called Chirac Well, a Chinese translation of the statement, I think called tofu Xishilake, nice thing.Her visit to China National, also eaten Beijing curd and fried dough sticks Na, finished, but also to buy some, packing back to France, the French Republic to.Returning to the capital to Paris.Chinese people say, Well next time.I heard, but also brought back a Chinese person, the child is tofu Carpenter.Buy Fuwei Han tofu on a small daughter happy ha ha laughed and said Fu Weihan, you quickly tell me how to eat tofu Dayton Okay, back on a spicy bean curd, tofu is great on a back sauce , this time is how to eat na.  Fuwei Han said that this time you do a small sub-tomato stew tofu, you little age, and more delicious stew for a while, little soy sauce, water, starch to thicken the pan before the child can be a.Try eating salty, bland, add some salt.  Fuwei Han of tofu, buy the next stop on the road sub-villages, tofu own career story, you have to talk about.Said the US West Point military school, could have been here in China, East looked, Americans see China, but also in the west, the Indian Ocean US military schools across the ocean, why called the West Point military academy na, said water China’s western shore side of the land, on the western bean curd delicious breakfast, noon to eat tofu sold in the morning, the city in the morning, all curd filling bars, the Americans, at night to eat Chinese thought, this morning side of the early bean curd, said Chinese tofu, thin point came at night to eat delicious, to use American troops to eat dinner and watch you eat.Then there is the US Army’s West Point military school.Later called West Point.In fact, thin point drinking soybean milk tofu, soft tofu brain is something to eat, and after a morning, I was selling out the tofu.”Mountain spring water produced tofu” Fuwei Han loudly shouting.Less than rural center, tofu has sold 30 kilos of.Street, a dirt road sub-villages coming to an end, a plate of tofu sold out.Tomorrow, on the two streets to the village to sell child.  Fuwei Han tofu, still selling the west, and passing a people, a young woman came out to buy tofu.And called, Weihan, you have nothing to say, you can not go any further, you said Xi Lake, is the President of the French Republic of France, you can also say that name West, West he is not a woman, not a beauty, France is the old man.You say that your day to pull carts donkey foreign donkey was General de Gaulle, Chiang Kai-shek’s Explorer Dai Li came back from living in Africa shallow ass, I do not see how you na sat in the car, you sit in the car is the donkey Charles de Gaulle Well.Tofu donkey cart that you board, obviously dwarf generals Well, how can be said that French President General de Gaulle na.  Fuwei Han said, this is not the way I thought the look, there is no one length hair fell on the head of my tofu Well.Although France is missing loved ones, to the French head of hair, if I tie in the tofu, majestic, hats and head of the team of Britain’s welcome of the British Empire, like hair, imposing, still I finished it, who can buy back eat na.So last time, I call you to buy time, look carefully, whether the debris, I can give you look carefully, you buy time on tofu, beautiful beautiful, no hair.Do justice to France.You take a good look is not her hair, down to the hard Kanma.I Tofu groom, six years of business is good, but also tofu today, I have bought you.  This woman, the day before yesterday bought Fuwei Han tofu, with a bailer to buy, not plastic bags of the city, so tofu groom, called his son to not go out of the plastic bag, the bag also known to engage in music.Their practice of the bag, with no one willing to spend money on, and to take on tofu, nobody wants, happy, so called de Gaulle.This woman did not want plastic bags, with the tofu bailer end three back, go back to their own power and prestige breeze, found more than half, had a hair on tofu, there is no hair purpose, it may be crossing the sky, falling to rest , not good brains.This woman would not do at noon to eat tofu stew, tofu salad is made with a green onion, green onion tofu crystal clear, is coupled with iodized salt and oil, it is exceptionally delicious, pick hair, eaten cold, or very tasty.When I eat, add soy sauce, soy sauce brand is Harbin.Local products Well, good thing or local.Not to beg for the plastic bags.Han and Uygur put the mood, and you thought that tofu, how much money na.  Tofu is also thinking of selling thing, it is to improve people’s lives Well.Weihan said, I said French President Jacques Chirac, you say I go from east to west, along the way selling, selling is also soliciting Well, also called Chirac Well, are Chinese, you can not call my son donkey Chirac Well, when the donkey child pull them, I also help the na, I eat leek, donkeys graze see are eating green products, we can not expel to the zoo together Well.Separately, Okay.  When I speak of is a little donkey pull a cart with my Well, who work labor, it is not easy, who is proletarian workers, the donkey is the thing; donkey dung on the road, I have to pick up support manure old man, and you can eat donkey meat, donkey who can not say a great proletarian workers, donkey are sold, there Sha na, the donkey is the great glorious proletarian workers, animal skin cream called donkey-hide glue, world famous herbs, my ass, is not yet sold na.Buy tofu tofu groom have not called, called donkey tofu.Sell bean curd about to see past, anxious to Jihan: donkey tofu, give me pause, I bought tofu Oh.  At the time I did not buy a donkey, Fu Weihan this tofu groom, but also personally pulled the car out from their home, easy to pull the car, also a few miles away the day’s personally recall, say Americans themselves are noble relatives, Hillary hometown people, so happy to stroll west of.Sun Jin Sun of big, big strength of the sun he kept stroll west, so the general said stroll west, the light and some of the.If it is daytime stroll back, but also a number of lightweight, come back at night, it would be more of a lightweight.Some activities are saying.  I look at my beans ground, looks good, hope is certainly the harvest.I embarked on the path of arable land, the idea is to look at the Loop area, a small street summer, there is a fresh green grass, the fresh grass, crops on arable land is unmatched; species cultivated income people, in the summer , we like to pinch a thin piece of grass leaves, placed in the mouth gently chewing, also thought think people in rural areas Chula, there are some people born Chula is fresh, not hidden pockets of the elderly inside, the elderly also like holding the wind.So things, not to say, as a strong person, so it really says to tender their own thing Well.If you are a passionate person than over, the mood on the move leaves a pinch of fresh grass leaves, chew on the mouth; the next time, when again on the path to walk, and that the loss of a leaf of grass is grass, but also than the last time fresh.Do not be embarrassed your own mouth, you can rest assured pinch off a leaf chewing within the mouth on.Will wake off the fragrance of the soil, ground crop farming respect of the transfer of power.On a green leaves of grass, you can wake up forces close to nature, reminiscent of fruit and vegetable species category, melon and fruit in the meal and the meal after meal includes sweet.If you feel the body floating light, you can eat grilled corn there is no flowering approximation of charcoal; if you feel heavy mood, may be in the dirty river water walk; feel the need, air stool, but also fresh air.In a filthy garbage under the sun, walk out the dirty side of the river, the mood is generally good.So the past few years, I went back to the village off the Loop area, cultivated since the idle land of.  How to call drink from the source, thinking about the past it wants to urinary River.I walked all the way, thought the process fun and joy in life, but also Qiaokan afar pastoral scenery, blue sky white clouds, all the way to the north, behind to catch up with their own sun, summer, hot weather, when not care, but also However, light is scattered, light amplification.Under the sun’s rays, to be honest, his own shadow, is part of the land, in north China northbound shadow in front.When not looking, he is also a part of the land, the power of perception chick hatched, their own lives and their own history are walking on land.Seeing the chicken egg shell is broken, ran out, and ate rice in the capsules; power because of a crack, because of the lack of regret, so capsules of eating rice.In the bow and think of home, chicks child’s hometown, there must be no arrival of chicks and chicken.So chicken sub, sometimes lingering deliberately, flapping its wings in.It also saw the power of the human step, to grow out of the hands.  If you are in front of the chicks tips, fresh tofu more delicious; chicken see, it is certain to personally taste, eat the.Fuwei Han’s wife, chickens to feed waste with tofu, chicken sub is come out to the nines, pretty, call out loud, feathers child looks, shiny bright, cocks and hens are festoons of chicken, looking for joy.You do not thinking of potato sub-worth of green leaves, flowers that look on the bright colorful beautiful plus is the beautiful.Say good to eat tofu, I also like to eat tofu.Add egg yolk son protein, can be delicious na.Jerry-face pancakes and corn is delicious soft yellow, tofu and add flour pancakes together to eat, plus soybean oil and sesame oil, and that is fragrant, delicious.  Tofu dregs cows eat, the more production of milk, it is pure milk.What is what, that to so many high-protein.Your home is high protein flour Well.I recently heard on Nianzishan peanuts, peanut tofu made out of the north Chinese people queuing up to buy the food na.Also known as bean curd cake flower born, it can be delicious na.If I Fuwei Han disc a turn, make a peanut to eat tofu, peanut tofu is a Chinese ancestor of the.Shajiao epoch is finished say.You yourself pondering Well.Fuwei Han Tofu has not sold out, eat a soft Southern peanut cake to be sub-villages of the old lady, and bought three pounds of tofu Fu Weihan.Tai Kang said North earth is hot today, I want to eat pepper soup, beef intestines tofu is delicious, I eat not that bulk na.Fuwei Han asked: Do you eat tofu intestines, I have not eaten, Mother, ah, do eat cooked me a call, looking back, I’ll give you half a tofu, do you eat and drink, lunch, I went to You then eat half full, finished go home and then eat, all right.South to the old lady said, trekking trip to the grindstone.  Shale Fu Weihan on, say, your mother ah, I’ve heard early wolf feces is white, did not read; I think this is also the intestines tofu is white, clean, energy is delicious, but also fresh, good.How to change section na.The old lady said, a layer of bean curd layer of powder, it is not easy to change the section of the Well.Also with a layer of water, starch row.Not a jelly pudding Well, they are frozen powder, summoned up the courage.  My footsteps, light out of the grass trail on the water retaining embankment on the river Ken, I walk on land with tall, the sky is still lamlam sky, white clouds, embankment black Wolong, Looking back, it is in rural areas not far from Wollongong, Fu Weihan’s rural areas, nestled among the willow tree, the tree is not lonely summer landscape of rural areas.On rural roads there Fuwei Han cries of selling bean curd, eggs have received human voice, are rural treble.Whisper in the rest of the rural areas, it is inaudible.Rural small, little warm under the sun, is only three blocks of the rural, more than five houses, hundreds of families and more people.Behind the rural west of pine, oak, ash tree, poplar, elm, apricot, acacia trees, palms, water glass tree; clove, peach, sand fruit trees, spring, linden tree, hawthorn late to the crabapple tree flower.Or there is a Kocho of color dance is or pheasant crowing, because deep set of tree Kobayashi, set off a people, this people’s children is one of my primary school students, which students and their families, later moved out, he went into exile.Gone, the old house is still soil, the roof is thatch Loop prairie grass covered roof thatch house, after the slope is a fresh moss, moss beneath moss is past.Who knows happiness and poor living descendants of the former monarch chairman of Na, let all the air to gently blow away, do not miss where I am.Remember tofu charm and beauty of water Ganxiang, I have been in the footsteps go away from home.Mind nostalgia, do not look back’s path precipitation, filtration grass, so a runoff Wang cleanly thirst of a handful, so come and clean, the next stop thinking Tunxiang.  Tongken river, prairie depressions in the Loop, the sediment of the past garbage dirty, raising plump turtles, birds geese crossing the road, the grass all the way to the United States, are displayed in the Loop on the prairie.Tongken river sixty years, or some more years to change the bed of the river, is how much of the population depends on the rivers around, when the population is too small, no how oliguria fecal water returned Loop grass, do plump foodstuffs, Loop of raising people free water.Years ago, Tongken river, dredging done manually, much autumn depths of winter, had a red flag fluttering years, there have been the roar of tractors and machinery retractors machinery, had knocked winter shovels and picks of thousands of working people sound; shack Loop grassland, cook cooking smoke, are on the rise Joan days.  A tobacco column Chai Loop music, love sunset warm land; crossflow not land earth, artificial river flow Tongken.  The cause of the working people to change the world, on a hoe a few slices of thin soil grows sunflower large flowers, the warm sun in the stomach.Saying lightweight, I could sweat back a few ridge na.Zende consider small rural fish meters of incense smoke na.There tofu, that look is soft power.  So early on in the city, tofu family, and then a bowl of beans floral.  Fu Weihan the rural village, with the support of Tongken river, white clouds in the sky are beautiful, the income of farmers gradually come good, there are large quantities of red brick shipped to the village, it is a small four-wheel tractor pull operation for the adobe grass roof of the house gradually scarce, red flush of red brick walls, the house is on top of sky-blue iron Piva, loud rain time, the iron can be beautiful sound of a bell, the window had rain waterfall water line, a beautiful farm scene.Clay gun storm, small Wazi, will throw the earth-shattering rumble of gunfire rang.I do not long for Zende home soil in front of the na.  Have you ever tried the countryside dishes: cherry tomato plus tofu dish meal is not, next time it.This time, the wear eel loach tofu, not Maotai Na, using sesame oil plus spicy parsley Sueko.  Through the embankment side of the river Ken, it is a monumental Black Dragon, a black child Yuhong, embankment side of the brook water prairie, one side is black fertile cropland, farmland on my Tofu soybean fields this year, , eat a board, a hundred pieces of tofu, a little mean.My thoughts are to the autumn breeze swing sound of the beans, the beans in the pods beautiful world, harvested fat beans and capsules of the sun hidden in the pods, beans strong, it can be said that soft golden; fresh tofu, Platinum also known as dryland.I walked all the way on the embankment, passing all six teams in the early production of three sub Oolong ditch Liu grasslands, river front is a double River Loop grasslands, said second track is called Tongken River, Tongken the river flows south of the river, is a section of the pioneer towns and villages Wangkui to river water, a lake with a river embankment, also known as pioneer Reservoir.There is a certain period of lotus reservoir rushes in a bay within a bay water is the hometown of oily fish.Three Visits to load, use of aircraft to transport fish, empty water scattered in the library, I was in a given year, almost catch the plane to the moment.He had always been to see the blue sky dream of flying the aircraft.Do not be embarrassed desire to achieve.  I am the gate of the river bridge to stay the pace, looked west, to the wave of seagrass Loop area, this wave look, do not see the sea side next to the river through Ken, you little guard houses shack Loop grasslands, such as artificial nest on islands in the seagrass, I have been active in the shack; vast seagrass green, seagrass air waves to shore, shore side of the Wolong is the embankment, the waves in the air mixed with shellfish and fishy smell of fish, as well as river mud decadent taste; years later, there I was in the Beidaihe seaside capital of China, Beijing, consciousness of what is the sea, where is the garden city and villages child, you can go down to posterity World walk, go to appreciate the power of flowers and fat shrimp waste land and waterfront world epigenetic.There, you pretty much know the place, splendid garden, splendid sea.I pass the bridge over the river embankment of the Loop willing to see the scene is the sea, is the beautiful Caohai.When you convenient to take a look at Caohai, forceful comprehend the power of the river and down.  Loop is the endless prairie of seagrass, grass in midsummer, it may be higher than my head, wind and low grass, and I have not seen the appearance of cattle and sheep.Lang is not the place to create some of the work and people come and go, there are accompany the team forward.Within the Caohai, do not say there is a crocodile, is also not consider the biological trap, I see the shore of Sydney, Australia’s water over there, know that mud is not Sydney; Tongken River Loop, it is about mud , footwear is not the best means of transportation, not a few feet is heavy, it is barefoot, barefoot is the best means of transport.Not special tools.  I was slightly bald Loop fish exposed ridge, a piece of land Loop grassland, prairie land of the Loop, fish ridge is about as large rain water comes, Loop ridge of land fish gone, the river’s activities fish came, the Loop is sometimes land fish food, my many years of Loop beans are tender grass river fish, delicious milk soybean milk.I have thought a dish of tofu, river fish to eat, I bless Loop beans Sicko.  May be thinking, where oily fish farming can cool the spine, it is a lovely career.I reclaimed a piece of prairie land Loop, in accordance with the good harvest to another, which is 1,000 pounds of soybean sub.A few years ago cultivate, harvest just like six pounds of Wu, not much can be paid to the state grain depot quality products, on the land at home, calling tofu groom people, barter, change some eat tofu.When the lack of vegetables, I was up and down Dayton dish, basically tofu, vegetables come when, dry bean curd boiled vegetables, and flavor of soybean oil, soybean oil.He says, not lack of oil to eat, my ducks and geese, chickens lay eggs opened early, than my business is booming.There are no things, also squatting Tongken the river, watching river fishing shrimp fishing, I’m not a swimmer, it is to look at ridge farming, hobby, like to eat fish and shrimp; shrimp special is that the Tamsui River, I is to take pounds of pounds of soybean oil on the exchange, one year, I swapped thirty kilos eat.I eat a shortcoming and music and just the past few years, the village people eat shrimp delicious, I changed the old man to eat fish, cheaper to eat almost a year, the price rose, I will eat aquarium child of fish.Statement of pork eating junk, people say delicious, how could na, young people do not know that wages rose less of people.Heilongjiang Province of China rural butcher’s last dish, called the rendezvous vegetables, food will be short; that is, the confluence of all the remaining vegetables and vegetable soup, and then simmer in a large pot, especially the delicious taste.In recent years, popular flowers tofu soup, soy sauce, soybean oil and green garlic are added, you can nourish the na.But rice millet meal, you eat.  Moment thought of tofu into the depths of emotion, sleep, and tender soft tofu are loose, have a soft breeze coming within the spirit of the wonderful people, get a ride into exile scene sleep, when to get up early, but also tell you that this is tofu Meng na.  Fuwei Han hundred kilos of bean curd, sold their homes, there is eat eat, I basically eat a tofu Fu Weihan, a village three bean curd lane, then head east and west end two, not sell front of my house, I could not hear again the voice shouted back selling bean curd.Sold out.So, I basically only eat tofu Fu Weihan of the.I gave a few pounds of beans are high.Tall Clean.I can not say that blind beans grasslands of the Loop.Say, I have to let the scales.Soybean seeds are not screened, almost all rows of beans, beans my blind Loop prairie, not all of them rounded belly, so the pot into the water, easily cooked, a portion of fresh tofu, beans, there’s my family.After Fu Weihan consider, it is consciousness, conscience, is the last stage of a mature business man, businessman.please believe.Conscience is my last stage, please believe.  After my years, soybean midnight thinking Heilongjiang Province, have their own consciousness, that is shaved, preferably shaved bald, not in Caohai confusion, one day, I saw a woman just shaved bald, too know rubbing his bald head, is in a section of the road in the city, I saw more than a billion years old woman, bald, strode through the city, so the light of pace, let me envy moved, so I days now, is bald from time to time, there are caps on the head.I do not want my hair grass roots grow in a hero, so there hat on his head.  If you thought the beans can not see through it at the moment of sowing, seed bean shape ideas, ideas to circle the beautiful, rolling plain, lively in the crowd, smiling to see ideas hair, wire ring that is Caohai, rafts floating in the grass of home.Moment thought the water’s gentle and beautiful, use clean water, moisten your eyes, and hair do, many years later, to know the beautiful bald and beautiful and moving.  After my return to the city, in the article, he said that thinking astronauts and workers, aircraft flying in the sky, did not stabilize their thoughts and egg shell, are sky scars.Now the state of the aircraft, originally bean sprouts pregnant beans, activities, not willing to come out, do not care that stray asteroids, came out activities activities Well.There too the action in space, it is best to buy a Chinese tofu to get water on the road.The Chinese people’s dream of flying, also housed in the space station, open the windows of their aircraft, it is to open the window of the universe.All know, there is no problem on board activities, ship building open windows is no problem, no problem extravehicular activities, open windows open Aerospace spacecraft Well, no problem, if you believe the wind out of the window, might as well believe in the speed of their own spaceship , quiet window, open the windows, the air is fresh, believe me, is progress of science.I believe what I said was right.  Or return to Chinese tofu ideas, talk about their hopes soft and hard, the soft is his direction, the direction of the world, is not flexible, not only chicken eggshell, as well as his thoughts of the past progress is not soft, so certain softness own.Every step out of their soft, the world is beautiful.  I hope that, like soft tofu own roads and water, I pay attention to his soft footsteps, avoiding the hardware world.If the steel is not soft, stretch is not long, soft hair is not enough, there is no wisdom for thinking; it is like a wave of hair volume, because the swing, resulting in a space ideas.Easy walk loose, in fact swing movement between their legs, and back to a look back, look at the road in front of the time, swing is room for thought.I thought not only to the power of advertising spirulina, is there room for maneuver na.I looked around all hope.Grass hair on the neck, which is pulled out of the moment, doing their own, to help a friend in thought.Well, do not forget.Beans are bald hometown in Heilongjiang Province Chinese people, bald neck, in thinking bald, bald brow, bald beard, bald crotch, bald arm nest, the original melon flesh so beautiful.No bare teeth, still thinking.Aquatic pearls, or not eat meat, calcium carbonate.Where’s bones stick is calcium carbonate.Meat under their feet stepped on, do not do it thinking.Better teeth, can be considered built.You say gourd bald head size, the other end pretty.I said, still pretty small head.Sicko is to have Hulusi and gourds, as well as the gourd that one, pretty woman say, I say this is a beautiful thing.Well teasing you.Tofu thought, Chinese thought of tofu.