Abide by the beginning of the heart, soul cultivation – the sequence “2016 Contemporary Writers boutique” Volume II


Text / Red smile was enchanting light will warm season in Mo green, grass sprout Cuisheng students have been accompanied by a smile overflowing joy of every heart.    In April, a “Long Run up the hill, the water rose up, sun blushed up” of the season; April, a “春眠不觉晓, Everywhere Birds Are Singing” season; April, a “Willow smoke outside the cold dawn light, Apricot branches spring downtown “season.With the win “Human lovely April day” essay contest winners, “2016 Contemporary Writers boutique” also announced the upcoming second volume went to press.    More than 70 poets read author of more than 300 works, my thoughts always immersed in the fragrance character and emotion brought in.Wander in each one magnanimous soul every writer’s mind Garden, touch, I have to admit, in the hands of a manuscript as if every breath of life, it is so expansive, in good faith and opposite me talk here They are really the soul, life and even the times of every writer, poet, singer really positive.    We know that literature, as an aesthetic ideology, is the most clear reproduction of the spiritual world of art writer.The text, as a carrier of emotion and heart, a lot of the time, but one word, Yimiyangguang; a sentence, is the clear spring.Through text, we see not just a simple cube assembly, but with overprint years of life.    Always some text, penetrating, let us sit at the window a long time, will laugh to tears reading; always some text, let us toss and turn, read insight into tears.Like the word: our souls are used to grow, the grass, there are emerald green; flowers have fragrance; to plant a tree, it will gain a touch of cool.Years of sitting in the corner and listen to the growth of life, ordinary the reality gives us the most realistic pursuit and emotion, and life, in which the ordinary gorgeous cantabile.    Reading Zhao Miaoli “Spring”, eye brow then infected with the breath of spring, the pace, followed by forward involuntarily Xinxinran.”Spring, do not confuse, let us then go love, love is so pure, shining do not need to say that a man with warm eyes would be sufficient Feelings.”I ask, what kind of eyes there could be more people Xinjing sway you?Warm silent, but already is Life-thirds.”Spring so quietly quietly and let the world have a sense of depth, the various colors of green bloom sequence, strong light, heavy shallow, warm shy.The placid green, green, calm and quiet, green quietly.”In his writings of wanton paved in green, we seem to smell the flowers, smell the taste of the mighty sun.And after a long winter of baptism, beware of falling into the overwhelming green and warm, how could people cheered, overjoyed it?The use of anthropomorphic and sentence alignment of just the right finishing touch, the layout of text and live to the extreme.    Prose, prose can best embody the beauty of nature, it is to paint a portrait of prose.Such prose of the most beautiful scenery kindness, poetic, lyrical concentrated, and therefore also the most popular of a class of readers.See Subao Tao essay “Man said Summer”: “Tianzao already bright, the wind coming as thick as the heat flow, blowing on people slimy, the sun is exceptionally strong, because of this parched earth becomes Zaore get up, as if to send a high fever fifty degrees, fiercely expulsion of the pedestrian on the road.”For the summer heat describing the article described as more men, and article authors another way, it is not limited to straightforward description, but the summer heat likened to a mad Chinese, people shunned, imaginative depictions just right, vivid.Articles with the same style of stone as well as husband of “April, rouge cool spring outside the city,” “April, spring outside the city, like someone new young married woman usually shy of his mouth; April, spring outside the city, and like the North epigenetic bare arm lit up.”This is only the opening of a lively and vivid, just enough to catch the reader’s eye and heart.    Most noteworthy is that I quite philosophical prose.In a dozen anthology I edited, the philosophical prose is not a lot, but I quite like this, all articles submitted Sylvia is even less philosophical article.The most important feature I quite prose is reasonable blend, Seeing, both narrative and discussion.He wrote in the streets: “The new stand in the street, or have been in retrospect Street.How to reverse the decline of rural towns and momentum, I mused, but also jump Chuaizhe, the development of rural China, the need to develop township enterprises, encourage young people to return home business is the engine?”In real life, there are all sorts of complex social phenomenon, will always lead to rational thinking people, and in the literature, such thinking is often evolved into sensual figurative, make it reflects the wise insight of life.His “friend”, “try to do their own”, “Writing and life” and other articles are just right to reflect this characteristic.    There Liu Yuxia affection prose, the language simple, sincere feelings, read to tears; Zhihong, high Yunsheng, warm colored velvet of the home theme works, nostalgia rich, intimacy people; Tao Wei, Zhang Ying mood prose, beautiful and meaningful, writing delicate, fresh, bright.Limited space, not in this list.    Prose is a major highlight of this Part anthology, not much work, but collection of perfect.Yan-Hua Zhang of “April, some of the pain of endless stretches of text” (Groups Chapter) full of emotion, language and deep, the whole poem written using blank and just the right image, the fluctuations of the mind and emotions to the extreme contrast.”Nowhere to run night, the voices and I sleep together” burning feeling radiates out from that point, forming a chain of emotional shock, shock chord with readers.And at the end of “I thought, some wet stuff / always break in the afternoon, destitute of time” just right sublimation, repression and the pain seemed to find an exit, pouring out.    Whenever good prose can in its own way, and describe the fluctuations of the mind or emotions.Complete text and fit again and again in the mind of “turbulence, volatility and startle” in.Zhang Gang prose can be said to reach a certain height manage this genre.Look, he wrote, “the neighbors late at night gazing kerosene lamp, I write in the study, he looked up and saw his mother pushing a rod mill in” the depths of the old house stone “in the.She will clean out one word into the heart grinding, and soon word came out a bunch of deep!”Strong emotion and ingenuity of expression, so that articles mood distant, God Jun informed, direct access to the kernel of life.    In the novel chapter, the most important is the king of the male, “that year, love coming back.”.A accidentally love a never forget the early heart, and finally comprehend morality and humanity, the people and comforting the pain.Throughout the novel writing is delicate, ingenious, dialogue in line with the identity of the characters, written first-person narrative, adds to the intimate and realistic article, very touching to read, distraught.    China is a land of poetry, thousands of years, China’s outstanding poets and poetry Canruo Galaxy.Therefore, in our contest and soliciting contributions, poetry is the largest, most colorful part.Poetry is alive, its vitality is concise, vibrant and musical.”How it grows, we must all March to April / peach leaves and waved goodbye, cherry / flapping in the wind on the occupation of the hill / spring, from what you say return date / how far” (Tan Fangxia “April and distance “).A “wave”, a “flapping in the wind”, subtle use of words in an instant to a fresh spring pulled in front of us.”The man took off his hat the other side / hidden tuck, the wisp of smoke personally brewed / bent hooks” (securinine “about the April”).Water, smoke, fishing, man, like an impressionistic, beautiful, and static and dynamic things once given, they have vivid life.    Almost all the poets, the vision of open, broad thinking, it often works to accommodate more social.Wu Haitao of poetry, “a drop of water Pain” (poems), is a set of environmental themes works poet by a drop of water, a flower, a fish, a bird’s intention to describe, reflects the goodness of human glory.”How I want to be ah / more than this drip drop / time in your lips moist / dry all over the world,” Great Love, good thoughts in Germany, awaken the mind, called for environmental protection.    There Chenling Jing, Sun Ailing ancient poems are remarkable.Not in this repeat.    Whenever sublimation all good literature brings enlightenment of the mind, cultivate the temperament, ideas.Outstanding literary works, such as a pleasing picture, a beautiful song, memorable cup of coffee.This volume “Contemporary Writers boutique” is divided into three parts: essays, fiction, prose section, poetry, archaic poetry section; Contest, part of the collection.During which we not only have the well-known literary handwriting, but also cutting-edge writers Jingwen temporary outcrop angle, can be described as different styles, wide range of topics, colorful, believe it will bring you the spirit of a grand feast.    A famous writer, “conscience writing initiator” said Ma Kai on behalf of: the passage of time as usual, it was fun, it was celebrated, it was tranquil, someone receded, we latent in the text of emotion and will still ready to come, awesome Xinjing.Yes, over the years, and text-dependent, reading, writing, writing a book, time on the road, sunny Ye Hao, matter whether the rain started falling, often feel the depths of life, there is one thing in Gudang, there is a voice calling and that is love and dedication to the text.Write grinding, using the simplest of early heart pure outline, no matter how much experience the vicissitudes of life, still believe that there is a better world, and we will meet and fall in love in one inadvertently; still believe there will be moved a few years later, when we in this read the book once himself, still impressed, will smile and tears will!    Memories for years in a manner standing in a tree flowers, Mouguang forward, I, landscape lighting, fly away.    So, let us abide by the beginning of the heart, to bring a warm, and the line and unfortunately!    May 3, 2016 in Jinzhou Author: Red smile, member of the presidium Chinese Prose Writers Association, deputy secretary-general; deputy editor of “Chinese prose” magazine; Chinese Poetry Society, Writers Association of Liaoning Province, China essayist Association, Liaoning prose Society.