All the way Gesang


The text / month Liu River impression, it seems that the flowers are lovely, the kind of gorgeous flowers, lovely, kind of luxuriant graceful, people mouth water.However, there is a flower, is neither gentle environment of the move, but do not covet your neighbor south of the misty rain, not try plateau favorite hot sun, but also be able to endure the cold of the snow-covered, she transforms with the seasons, and constantly adjust flowers color, beautiful and not tender and beautiful, delicate yet forceful, this is known as the holy flower Gesang.    Sustenance of the Tibetan expect happiness and good feelings Gesang, looks fragile appearance, but it is so strong.In the vast pasture, grassland every year from June to August in Montreal in full bloom, its beauty and simplicity, will decorate the entire short summer.Gesang is a plant that grows in high altitude wetlands, smaller flowers, weak body deeply rooted in the soil, it is because it’s blooming, but saw hope of survival, and that vitality show the nature of tough fighting, that brilliant petals and herald happiness and good health, people call it the flower of happiness.    I often snow-covered mountains and plains of the plateau Gesang vitality that deeply moved.These ordinary Gesang ah, no one will care about the whole story of their lives, as they would be going alone beautiful bloom style.Along the way, refreshing aroma, is the release of lightly.Is life, not just Yixiang.No matter how intrusive the dark clouds of experience, they have not persistent.Hot sun baked not warm the hearts of the wind helpless and rhizome root bone, showers pouring immortal charming face.They quietly remained true to his dignity bloom.    Moor growth environment, so that they know how, and the continuation of life can only rely on their own efforts gritty.Perhaps they understand natural selection, survival of the fittest truth, alone in the bitter cold, the hot sun, gain hope of survival.Gesang plateau, is so strong, heroic and life is so beautiful, such as multicolored jade, set in ancient plateau, shared piece of natural beauty with blue sky.    Gesang in a unique way in the vast snowy field grows, as Tibetans generally true to his beautiful homeland.Among the high mountains, proudly stands Potala Palace, is the Tibetan children for thousands of years in the wilderness of snow created immortal wonderful.Today, the ancient civilization still blooming with beautiful Buddha, cloud water Zen Buddhism in general language, heritage life simple feelings.That land of cattle and sheep wander in green pastures as a beautiful picture, happy smile filled the Tibetan children face hardships and perseverance in exchange for that plateau charming style.    Snow-covered plateau bearing the Millennium accumulation of ice, gushing rivers are derived from this piece of clear sky.Today, it is with the general Wanruo Yu Tin Road, this land becomes scenery and enchanting, ancient plateau, is no longer “a thousand mountains bird must, million tracks were off track,” the desolation.I am pleased to rise this land everywhere in a modern residential development of the factory, the era is quietly changing the lives of people here, from the old to make the farewell to the original mode sled, yak, it is along Kelsang flower fragrance level road towards a better life.    Plateau harsh climate, the theory training to survive Gesang, that short life time, can only rely on their care in order to stay afloat.So they poisoned themselves, in order to sustain their precious lives, cattle and sheep leisurely and over here, do not swallow their fragile limbs.The kind of shallow self-protection awareness, so that each species live in harmony.How similar things in the world, when life is threatened, we will strive to revolt, this may be the instinct of life, but inadvertently protected the road to happiness.Gesang, is the patron saint of alpine grassland happiness.    At this time, I am reminded of checkpoints stationed deep in the snow-covered guardians.That bleak and monotonous environment, how many lonely youth.As quietly as Gesang bloom on this land, not for glory temptation, is not troubled by poor.Endured the lingering desolate and miss, only the heart that hot Zhongchang, devote our beautiful Love Drunk.Is one of peace, keep an inch of pure land, no hustle and bustle of rhetoric, only for the share of loyalty, such as blooming Gesang, became the patron saint of happiness and tranquility of the snow-covered plateau.    Gesang is undoubtedly beautiful, with the seasons, but will magically transform their own beautiful face.Summer, dressed in white clothes, such as fairy heaven, wind flowing, delicate body dancing.Autumn, for a red makeup, have to be as charming, pleasant as married bride, let plateau color contention significant dazzling picture.Gesang bones actually civilians.You do not need to care, in the farmhouse side, a small stream, under the trees, on the roadside, everywhere can see her figure.    Legend, if anyone found eight Gesang, to find happiness, because it is a symbol of love.”Gesang” for the Tibetan language, the meaning is the good times, spring and early summer is the busy season of snow-covered plateau grace, style of thousands of Kelsang flowers that will bloom as about the beautiful flowers on the prairie, girl in their beautiful ocean Gesang’s, to find their own happy love, dreamy landscapes, filled with romance and youth.On the plateau Gesang Hua is the most beautiful flowers, colorful Gesang that is on the snow-covered plateau industrious beautiful girl.Gesang Hua, is a symbol of love and happiness plateau, but also the hearts of the people will never pursue plateau.    Ancient grasslands, since ancient times, there are some beautiful love, Gambo and Princess Wencheng, the Millennium spread the love story, such as Gesang is still filled with fragrant soak into the depths of.More than ethnic integration today, the snow-covered plateau has become more charming and bustling, Tibetan culture, here we are a harmonious blend with, showing their charm, to bring well-being of the people of all ethnic groups, so no longer lonely snow-covered plateau.Snow-covered plateau is quiet, but not lonely, even if the snow is blowing, when verdant died down life, but in a chasing Gesang on the plateau, the trend is still in full bloom stand out on the beautiful snow-capped mountains, this is the name Tribes blooming flower of happiness.    Gesang, open during the silent moments, the strong, tough, whom I admire.Gesang, intertwined with love and warmth romantic feelings, let me nostalgia.Gesang, harmony happiness flower, let me insight true meaning of happiness.    If you can, I would like to turn into a Gesang, bloom in the snow-covered plateau, sent happiness for all people aroma.