Blooms smoke snow


Blooms smoke snow last night wanted a cold day; stay warm thoughts to the north, lantern shine warm front is that the windows; frost to melt, homesickness months there have been bright on the outside doors.    I thought erratic journey from the North, Aria sky blue, deep water far from Heilongjiang, frozen by the news of the northern sky, slowly flowing over.After the autumn do that is through the Lunar August 15 Mid-Autumn Festival moon day; day high stack of warm fog, the north wind sometimes blows, blows a slight wind blowing in the night, the wind scattered fog Shakespeare, that Lufthansa falling mist living in the top of trees, tree shadows late, up early to see, to see is: the smoke snow trees and flowers, lived stay in the tree above.  Tree white fog, white leaves of the branches of trees in the group above; shift containing the situation, the way to go slightly unsteadily; story no wind, frost tree micro Wind, snow Galaxy clear, not a night to autumn.Most came during the early Xiaodong; the United States to do the thinking, to death Chun Xia Qiusi.  I have from last night was warm hot kang remaining up; the door.  There are small sea-stop London to Japan, people do not have Wyse Nango; Heilongjiang east, Plain, Xiaoxing’anling hills Mountains of snow, the sky warm cloud stack, also remain willing to do on the river.Helen also has a riverside Acacia snow, that snow is probably also the sky.Helen is also a small hill, the hill where the mountain spread to the plains of the memory; now is the Hailun City, Heilongjiang Province.  Helen said is my hometown in northeast China, and the early years of the countryside population lack Helen, mood and warm weather are relatively low, plus a small child or vice versa, of course, is also small their age the.Ice push away a harvest seasons; Kusano Mao Cai help sooner or later winter, the sky is blue smoke, heat can shelter, how much it is how much; I walk out of the hope that is warm blue sky high , there are sparse cool to warm my thoughts return.  Willow baidunzi willow thick, that is to say a small sewage ditch to stay, there is a warm nostalgic thoughts yearning toward the fog on the sub-villages to the warm windy.Sending warmth; warm welcome land frost, snow, thoughts and feelings remain, regarded that Acacia thickness, around a local bank in wicker ditch; there is a thick layer of snow piled in the space of wicker baidunzi.  Fengbai willow elegant posture, warm night fireworks Yangzhou clouds; I just thought can be tied in the water on the shore.North South snow warm day different; just thinking mood to send to send.Chinese small steps my thoughts still lingered in the Northeast.  Helen Snow aerosol wild city, there is not a different village of the mountain; because the people of the city and more warm crowded, small city with warm, except the Tongken river, deep frozen water that winter, that cold solid ice, is less than three feet thick ice, which is less than one meter thick, and lack of stone, 10 kg of a hit; a few may have cracked ice pattern wisdom, all winter sports; toad is ashore, cold land consciousness, back to toad in the water, and some of the old man jumped cold water fish live, hidden in the water below the ice, the water inside the earth beneath, longing for water below the soil, the soil below heat to go up.  Shore ice within the ice surface, beyond the rushes of the ice, in the winter, with warm, dry yellow, Puhuang tightly; only when snow and ice melt quietly, we had to spring the news, Huang Po incense stick, Pu Xu breeze with the wild, the flying fly away.  Murdoch human intelligence vegetation, clear carefully and then cold north wind; my heart to stay conscious thought process of the Po stick, it just has a warm yellow sauce warm outside layer; Po mind to fly the snow, warm Township; How far can fly flying as far as Well.  Helen the city, is a group of people warm city; I place in the school population is not a hypocaust.I have no consciousness that plumbing small coal boiler, in which one local residence.As the temperature of people is probably a different experience.  It turned out that the boiler, heating just do boil, the hot water took a.Homesickness is not that hot to warm kang when night comes.  My warm is probably that of the boiler smoke, wandering.  Winter can walk as far thing; remember to include back away.  It was the city of Helen, the forge may be moved to a certain village; the building is the city’s heavy industry activities, a movie theater seat 600 people, to defend the idea of progress, he embodied the city’s evening primrose, the beautiful luminous city.  I was in Japan the film “hunt” broadcast voice; the end of the experience of thinking outside the property; cater to the cities from the countryside to recognize ideological progress from agriculture to industry, he began learning life.  At noon time, wandering on the way to the train station.  Sometimes the sky to snow; sometimes shady cloud moved to the raindrops.  Learning outside the garden; that red brick wall, Medina Breakfasts dew, green broad, wind and salsa leaves woods Strip sound far away, it blew away all memories of my thoughts of sunshine.Rural village with brick thatched cottage on the road kind of lying under vine ridge, it has a garden in front of the division of pastoral significance, corn cobs appearance of strong, beautiful Hongying; no depression brick sand sources, the tall chimneys, He tells of a mood, but also speaks of urban construction ideas.  A fear of wind and rain cinder Lou, go to a paved road of the city, it is also quietly slip away with my thoughts; day now, a beautiful stone and sand production of mud powder that is deep slate cement road surface road, the beautiful city continues footsteps.  With the city’s high-rise buildings; urban and rural city with wind and rain is not wrong in villages journey.  I also remember that according to cherish the edge of the town of flax, said light industry raw materials, and that wherever he goes busy; flax flower flax fields of the country that pose purple, purple fragrant, purple breeze pendulum-like; also remember the city Township Tun, before that some of the girls stay in the sea, is the eyebrow hair floating in the top of the hair, and that a lock of blond child drop yellow beautiful, there was a beautiful warm.  Different angles skirt city and township and village boys trousers.He said: style; now that plaid pants, also have to wear boy’s body; I pass through.  Linen pants; that unexpectedly cool, the textile industry is the one kind of victory, walking in Heilongjiang Province, urban and rural roads to victory.  Linseed oil oilseed incense; fragrant garden sunflower sunflower, oil seed melon seeds oil, is I live in Heilongjiang Province, I do not want to leave thinking.Helen did not forget, that is the Northeast soybeans, soybean hometown.Soybean oil, incense can be proud.  There is a name used in the refrigerator, that is, Hornsey sea; Helen’s spring and autumn, how can I forget your beauty and beautiful.  Today, the city of Helen, green fields of rural vitality in; tower height, soulful streets, also took in the rural Tuen stout willow, there was the winter snows of loose; the city’s winter snows, is there green grass, the farewell journey my thoughts.  Street to lights, smooth achievement of urban and rural areas to the industrial process.  I left today Hailun.    Water has world significance; do not believe that, look at the clouds, watching the rain, take a look at cloud river.  I was in the cold, learn to be strong.  Tan Liang plain Ono, snow, frost Songnen Plain, no chimney is warm size of the Mountains; chimney is warm the plains.  Who owned a bunch of fireworks incense, warm snow dust chase, with the hard wind; Winter pit stove, hot kang, chimneys, suddenly the door of the room to cool off, thoroughly cold winter flow to cool to the bottom of my heart.thoroughly.Inadvertent door opening by the wind, cold smoke ice cold low sweep stove.Chimney, food that carbon black, cold winds Wei, all scattered out; that is slow the chimney in winter frost inside and outside, the outside of the chimney, plumbing living on the ice thanks to traces.  At night, remember that the chimney eye solid cover; remember.  When live blue sky cloud, cloud shade every other day a parcel of land; you watch the clouds shade, cool, soulful, deep green; beyond that cloud shade, bright days of thorough ground, leaf green consciousness thin warm day , walked a thin yellow day thin, not thick warm days, is thought that the unexpected cold, cold mood.  Jing wild winter to cold; warm want to sleep; woke winter, mostly the cold came awake, so awake.  I am in the winter, dreaming of warm vanilla coconut country; all forgotten the meaning of the white world, because the snow will fall down.  In winter, I despair for his pipe, Comrade Stalin, that is about the Russian state incense smoke.  I hand the winter, I am sorry to see that the “Chinese”, “big cloud” brand of cigarettes, if you have let that smoke, incense farewell northeast China’s return to the southern, warm incense.  I once again thought from Lu Xun’s “Garden Herbs” and “Sanweishuwu”; Ueno came to Beijing Lu Xun from the south, that Baicaoyuan memory, walk the grass north of meaning, rushes incense going, walking in the snow on the way , floating in the mind and the cold, the rest of the world just does not taste the day; his taste again the place.  Imagination in north China’s Lu Xun, hands should be compared mood was cool; warmth and wisdom can be written as a forward thinking.  Who knows, Lu Xun cigarettes, whether still burning; also a hint of warm days outside some warm owned by the incense.  Snow, is from the north, northeast Heilongjiang day, blow over.  Northeast China, southern sky that the sun Heilongjiang Province, from the wilderness, have a point of view.  Snow is very Russian state in the North Sea, and in a great northern pole is no winter sun, devoid of hope for the survival of my.There is ice to tundra grass, forget With the vision.  I once traveled south China’s warm days in the country, outside the city of Guangzhou, Hainan Island’s see, did not forget portable bottle of mineral water; upset because he did not dry in the warm weight of the country’s paradise.  I suspect people think of heart warm, is the fear that the Northeast where tourists thought, do not go to swim.  I’m tired of thinking and mood go south; the idea of building a collection of feelings, his own perception that out.  Do book cold coffee, cool people thought that some of the geothermal heat swim, think of the warm-income pregnant.  Snow is lightweight himself, quietly dissolve in the water; rain water is shallow only to dry traces of traces of a thin outside Xuan dust and gas left in the soil.  This year’s hot summer, the days are slowly south to the south; the West Bank Rand Lake, then a forest, it is also hidden hobby farming, thinking of the field, there are piecemeal, mostly housed in forest North side.The forest is growing high, is the world’s green pride, Song Yu Huai to pro willow, grass affectionate to the low side of people; Rand lake water to go the bank, how many people have pursuits, bamboo light, the water Snoop news, small river punctuate the soul, ripples active stretch out to, who knows thirty-five few small fish; all that way back in the water side of the.  In the distance, natural gas companies, and that the excess of the residual gas, hold high chimney, fire burning, such as the activities of the sunset, the sky stopped in northwest.The stove warm to hot, contrast with the oil man sky.Grasslands oil people in the Xiaoqiu, Grand joy to see inside and outside the garden also look for; outside beans purple, green, is that some of the best you can hope for next year maturity and harvest, not that that extra beans seed, a collection of good thing.Squash dry surface, full of solid nest seeds, with fragrant yellow silk, also windowsill to dry on the outside of the first floor of floor oil recovery squad.  Daqing City, is a country with the achievements of industry, agriculture Acacia city cooperation; Aqua lakes, water conservancy created the idea of things; flowers and birds that small world market, early birds sing stroll basket, small goldfish were rolling, badly, not Well little of his thoughts; building in busy.  Two hundred fifty-six, commercial buildings around outside the supermarket; the fair thing, inside and outside business activities.  Smoke blooms snow, frost earned warm; garden light snow day, see you next year.  Snow smoke tree flowers fly; Hangzhou West Lake Longjing tea, fragrant silk leaves slow, Shu ideas unfold; Wife north and south China, Yifan leaves, warm the heart.  Frost tree fly loose; the day is warm country, splendid lake lit in Rand.  My thoughts and feelings of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang harvest the same happy.  Daqing City, is a medium, the development of mega-cities; free with studying and thinking, the achievements of the industrial and agricultural achievements, ideas and career of business, as well as soldiers; sea water conservancy Zerun the idea of.  I looked back again, look at hundred meters away, said the city’s water, the graceful Rand lake, river clear, the vast lake.  That industry, oil field, Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau, the oil workers of production wells, hidden deep in the ground; on the ground only oil machinery, pumping in steel support frame, back and forth, up and down movement of the.A bow, a soulful world’s oil; first lift, billowing Chinese oil can be transported to China’s Bohai Sea coast, from the harbor and then shipped, can be delivered to the domestic and overseas travel; it is the operation of the oil workers’ ideas industry , the industrial process.  Rand lakeshore, several pumping it west, with yellow eye-catching China, with industry norms, as well as sit tight in that piece of the forest; my thoughts wander again in the working class sand on the road, walking in pumping, the extraction well; gas gathering station; team portion on oil, mineral oil three, three plant oil, an industrial way that.  The sky and white clouds, blue sky also know that the United States; dilute Night’s Dream, also thought to collect more than.  Lin Shu sunset; also think the root cause of a wood carving.  Daqing City, said that in the Greater Xing’an Mountains on the southern slope, there is rejection bent; the plains east of the Nen River Valley.  Tree flowers snow smoke; I was in the autumn, with winter wandering repeatedly to think of Italy.  Winter tree Winter frost and fog from casual, think of the coming year on a warm autumn Well.That begonias, fruit that is exceptionally soft, sweet and a.( “People’s Literature” Contribute articles)